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Smells are better reminders than words or pictures. They have the incredible power to help you travel through time to a previous memory or experience. For example, a specific smell of grass can take you back to the summers of your childhood, the scent of a perfume to a love of the past or the aroma of wet earth to long walks through the countryside. Likewise, a quality air freshener will make you feel at home and remember the smell of your place of living.

Many people use a perfume as a way of reminding you of them. In homes, you can use air fresheners to create a sense of familiarity and comfort that comes with a pleasant smelling abode. On the air freshener market there are countless options, you should consider them carefully and choose the one that best embodies the personality of your home and its inhabitants. Below we have prepared this guide to help you find the best air freshener for your home.

Key Facts

  • On the market you will find countless options of air fresheners. It is important that you take into account what each one of them offers so that you can make the right purchase.
  • When buying an air freshener, you should not only take into account the price, but also the cost of additional accessories as these can be expensive.
  • It’s nice to have a familiar smell for your house, as this creates a sense of home and helps others identify this place with you. A great option is to choose a different scent for each room or change the scent depending on the season.
  • If you buy an air freshener with accessories, you must check how these work and if these suit your needs.

Our recommendation: The best air fresheners on the Australian market

The best way to start this shopping guide is to review the best options you will find on the Australian market at the moment. It will help you get to know different models, but also what features might be interesting to you. It is important to review every option we will offer as this will be the key to making the best purchase.

APALUS 500g Natural Air Purifying Bag

The Apalus Purifying Bags are made from bamboo charcoal, which naturally absorbs and filters out harmful pollutants and odours, with noticeable effects in just a few days. The air purifying bag is made of extremely porous bamboo charcoal, which will continually eliminate odours and absorb moisture to keep your house fresh and clean. The activated carbon neutralises the humidity present in the air and has an antibacterial power that fights fungus, mould and the formation of unpleasant odours.

This purifying air bag is perfect for all rooms of the house, inside your cupboard or even in your car. After the charcoal has passed its used by date of 2 years, you can open up the bag and use the charcoal as fertiliser for your garden!

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Odour Absorber, Eliminator, Air Purifier & Freshener

Natural purifying indoor air purifier bags are the easiest way to maintain a fresh, dry and odour-free environment and this 2 piece set from Nellam will do exactly that. The organic charcoal air purifier pouches are made from natural cotton-linen with sustainably sourced bamboo charcoal which is non-toxic and fragrant.

Each bag is reusable and lasts up to 2 years! These bags work better than baking soda and easily recharge in sunlight after just a few hours. Nellam add that if you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply send it back for a 100% refund.

FY Home Fragrance Lamps Humidifier Air Filter

This is a portable home fragrance humidifier that is very portable and easy to use in all rooms of your house. Using batteries, this humidifier is able to offer continuous spray for 4 hours or intermittent spray for up to 8 hours. This device can work as a portable diffuser or air freshener in any room of your home, your office or your car. This innovative device features 7 colour changing lamps, a nightlight, programmable on/off cycles and an auto shut-off.

The dimensions of this device are 6.8cm x 6.8cm x 14.5cm and this lamp is available in grey, blue, pink and white. With this stylish little humidifier you’ll be able to chose a colour that suits the decor and style of your home.

DGQ Natural Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer

DGQ fresh bamboo charcoal bags eliminate odour naturally to prevent mould, mildew and bacteria growing by absorbing excess moisture that exists in your home, car or office. These natural charcoal bags are perfect for kitchens, basements, bedrooms, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, children’s rooms, pet areas and home living rooms.

By using a charcoal bag you can effectively remove odours, toxic chemicals and moisture by absorbing them into its porous structure and not just by masking them with chemical fragrances as other air fresheners do. This value-pack set comes with 4 bags to use throughout the rooms of your house.

Volwco Air Purifier for Home

This air purifier for home by Volwco is specially designed for spring and allergy seasons as it reduces 99% of dust, allergens, pollen, smoke, odour, pet smell and other odorous gases that may be present in your home. The fan has three speeds from low, medium or high that make it suitable for an office, living room, baby room or any medium size space.

This is a mini air purifier with dimensions of 9cm x 17cm and with its portable USB power supply, you can easily use it in the bedroom, living room, office or car with total ease. With this product you will be sure to always be breathing the freshest and cleanest air possible.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about air fresheners

Now you know that there is a wide variety of air fresheners available and which air fresheners are the best on the Australia market. As you have seen above, there are options that offer other possibilities in addition to just aromatising the environment. You may now be starting to think which is the most suitable model for your home. In the following section we will help you narrow down your selection to find the perfect device.

air refresher

It is a device that is designed to dispense a pleasant smell in the room in which it is located.
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What is an air freshener?

Although you probably already know what they are, we’ll start this section by re-confirming what an air freshener is. An air freshener is a device that is designed to dispense a pleasant smell in the room in which it is located. Of course, there are also other types of air fresheners, such as car air fresheners or air fresheners for wardrobes.

Within the air freshener market there are disposable air fresheners, while others have spare parts so you can reuse them. Air fresheners use different substances to create a pleasant smell and in some cases to neutralise the bad smells in the home. It is without a doubt that an air freshener is an essential product in your home.

Where should you place the air freshener?

Ideally, you should place the air freshener as centrally as possible within the room it is located. By doing this, the scent emitted will be better distributed throughout the room rather than being concentrated in one corner. Depending on the intensity the air freshener offers, you can have it running all day long with the scent being overpowering. You should look for a smell that everyone in the family likes, especially when using an air freshener in the common areas such as the living room.

When placing an air freshener in the living room, it is important not to place the device too close to the couch so as to not disturb you while you are relaxing, reading or watching TV. It’s also important not to place an air freshener too close to the dining table, since strong smells should not be mixed with food. In the bedroom, make sure that the air freshener is not right next to the bed and furthermore, it is recommended to turn off the air freshener when you go to sleep.

Professor Tim JacobSydney Morning Herald
“Smell is the backdrop to every waking minute of your life…It is part of the experience of life, even of one’s friends and family”.

What kind of air fresheners are there?

There are two kinds of air fresheners, if you take into account the essences they use. The two main types are: natural air fresheners and chemical air fresheners. It is important that you know the differences between the two types so that you can decide which one best suits you. To help you with this decision, here are the most important aspects of both:

  • Natural air fresheners. They are air fresheners that use alcohol and certain natural and concentrated essences to make the scent. They achieve a soft but persistent result.
  • Chemical air fresheners. In this case they are made using certain petroleum products, such as formaldehyde or dichlorobenzene as well as aerosols. You must to be careful with the possible toxic effects that this kind of air freshener can have.

esencial oils

There are disposable air fresheners, while others have refills so you can use them again and again.
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How do different air fresheners function?

Air fresheners can also be differentiated by the way they emit their scent. It is very important to pay attention to this aspect because not all air fresheners offer the same results. You also have to bear in mind that maintaining a home with a good smell will be more or less expensive, depending on which model you choose. Below we have prepared a table to help you decide which model suits you the best:

Type of air freshener Main characteristics
Spray You receive a nice smell instantly. There are versions with water and others without. When spraying this type of product, you must be careful that the spray does not fall on people, animals or food as it can be toxic.
Burners Essence burners manage to give the house an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that other devices do not offer. There are different options in terms of design and aromas.
Candles When buying candles for ambience you will discover that there are many options, including some have a very faint smell. Candles are usually inexpensive.
Electrical This type of air freshener is usually placed in a electrical outlet and has an air freshener and replacement liquid capsule. There are different varieties and they manage to spread the smell very well throughout the room with very minimal electricity costs.
Battery They work just like electric air fresheners, but use batteries instead. They usually have an aerosol inside that is sprayed.
Stick Scents It is one of the simplest methods of creating a nice smelling environment. These consist of a container in which the liquid air freshener is poured and some bamboo sticks that are placed inside to absorb and diffuse the scent. The container can be refilled once it runs out.

What kind of smells suit each part of the house?

When it comes to smells, there are certain aromas that suit different situations, however each person is different and some people prefer certain scents in certain rooms of their house. That is to say, a person that considers an appropriate type of smell for a specific room may not suit the tastes of another person. However, the experts make certain recommendations in this regard to guide you if you are unsure. Below you will find the expert recommendations:

  • Living room: The living room of any home must transmit warmth and a sense of home. You will achieve this with smells that remind you of wood as well as vanilla. There are other more relaxing options such as mint or lavender that are also suitable.
  • Kitchen: In the kitchen it is always advisable to use smells that remind you of food, yet are gentle. For example, citrus, cinnamon or chocolate work very well in the kitchen. Other fresher smells such as mint or lavender are also great options for the kitchen.
  • Bathrooms: It is rather obvious that scents for the bathroom should create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. There are some bathroom classics, such as the smell of pine, marine, thyme or jasmine. Citrus fruit scents also work well in the bathroom.
  • Bedrooms: In these rooms you should offer a smell that creates a feeling of rest and relaxation. A touch of wood, lavender or jasmine would be perfect for the bedroom. If it is a child’s bedroom, the smells of fruit are ideal.
  • Study or office: Some houses have a study or office in which it would be appropriate to use smells such as tangerine, orange or lemon as they help to improve concentration and reduce stress. These same smells would also be suitable for a students’ room.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of air fresheners?

It’s clear that having an air freshener at home is a great idea and an excellent way to keep the home feeling fresh yet familiar. You have already seen the different options and which are the most suitable smells for each room and situation. You will have seen that they are very useful, although like everything they are not perfect. With this in mind, we will now show you the main advantages and disadvantages of air fresheners:

  • They improve the smell of the house
  • There are very economical
  • They give an identity to the house
  • There are people who are allergic to air fresheners
  • Some models are quite expensive
  • You should consider the accessories required (bamboo sticks) or additional costs (electricity or batteries)

Shopping Criteria

It’s quite possible that you already know what kind of air freshener you want to have at home, maybe it is even more than just one. You may have even already chosen the smells that you will use in your brand new air freshener. However prior to buying the air freshener, there are still a few things to keep in mind when making your purchase. The below criteria will help you acquire the best product on the market according to your needs.


Try to choose an air freshener that offers a wide variety of smells or the ability to change the scent easily. You may be very happy with one type of aroma at first, but over time you may get tired of this smell. When this happens, it is great to have different options to choose and have the ability to replace the scent easily.

Chelsea StoneReader’s Digest
“The smell of the vitamin C-packed fruits has been shown to boost energy and alertness, and studies have revealed that lemon scents in particular can reduce stress and leave a positive impression on others”.

Spare parts

When buying an air freshener, you should assess the ease with which you can find spare parts for the device. Imagine that you are on vacation in a city or outside your home country, and discover a model that you love but when you get home, you realise that it is impossible to find spare parts or replacement odours. Try not to let this happen to you so that you don’t throw your money away.


When you go to buy an air freshener you must evaluate how much the device itself will cost you and the spare parts that you are going to use. A device that is expensive to maintain will eventually become unused and just another useless thing in your house.

Capacity of the freshener

Another aspect you should be very clear about when buying an air freshener is its ability to spread the aroma well throughout the room. Both smelling too little and smelling overly strong will eventually be annoying or uncomfortable. The intensity is especially important in the case of stick scents, burners or candles, as some models have a very light smell.


Aesthetics should also be an aspect for you to consider carefully as there are certain air fresheners that take care of this aspect much more than others. If it’s going to be placed in a visible spot, it’s important that it fits in with the rest of the decor of the room. You must also take into account that the device is not too big for the place where you are going to put it.


As you may be aware, more and more people are suffering from all kinds of allergies and this may include certain chemical substances present in air fresheners. If there is someone in your house who suffers from allergies, choose a natural air freshener that will not cause them any problems. If someone with allergies visits your home, remove the air fresheners the day before to ensure there are no problems.


An air freshener improves the overall impression your home makes when someone visits. It also makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you are at home. In some cases, they mask unavoidable bad smells, as long as the scent and device are well chosen. Air fresheners can also give your home or even every room in your home its own identity.

On the market you will find many types of air fresheners that differ in how they work, in the intensity of the smells they emit, the variety of aromas or the price. It is important that you value all these aspects you have seen in order to make the best possible purchase. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind some of the precautions we have wrote about.

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