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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Some people get up every morning at the same time without needing anyone or anything to wake them up. Others have real difficulties getting up early, and they sleep in day after day. As a matter of fact, they’d be late all the time if it was only up to them. Thankfully, they have a great tool available to them: alarm clocks.

Thanks to this useful device, getting up in the morning or after a nap is made easier. If you’re not an early bird, getting up will still be difficult but at least you won’t be late. You can program your clock to ring at a specific time and to repeat the alarm until you get up. We’ve prepared this shopping guide to help you pick the model most tailored your needs.

Key Facts

  • The number one function of an alarm clock is to sound an alarm when it’s time for you to get up. However, you will discover in our article that certain models offer many more features.
  • You’ll have to evaluate a series of key aspect when you’re making your purchase. These include its ease of use, if it’s quiet or not, the types of alarms or the additional functions it offers.
  • Your alarm clock must let you set it to repeat the alarm several times. This is an absolutely must of a function, as it will prevent you from falling back asleep.

Our selecction: The best alarm clocks on the Australian market

It is always useful to know the opinions of other users when choosing a product to buy. This is why our next section will introduce you to our selection of the best alarm clocks on the market. They have been well rated by past customers, and you’ll discover everything there is to know about each model. The one for you is most likely in there!

Dr. Sleep by InnoBeta

InnoBeta is an innovative technology company that provides useful products for our everyday life, and this is exactly what Dr. Sleep is. Dubbed a ‘sleep aid’ by the brand, this alarm clock will do much more than just wake you up at the time you want. The sleep aid function is specifically designed to help you fall asleep, using a combination of soft light and sounds.

You can easily set up your alarm time that the sunrise simulation will use to gently wake you up. Dr. Sleep will gradually go through its 20 levels of light brightness to simulate the sun rising, while its snooze function will allow you to sleep a bit more. You can even use this model as a bedside lamp, and the colour is adjustable to fit your taste and room.

Digital Alarm Clock by ROCAM

ROCAM is a Chinese technological brand that offers quality products at very affordable prices, and the value for money is specifically what put their digital alarm clock in our selection. It offers an incredible amount of features at a fantastic price, and the great thing is that it also comes with a 12-month warranty in case you’re afraid of its quality.

You can plug this model into the wall, and it comes with a battery compartment so you’re never left without an alarm. You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and preset up to 20 radio stations to wake up to your favourite one every morning. The alarm volume goes up progressively, and you can adjust the night light colour to your liking. It’s also received excellent reviews from past users.

Light Alarm Clock by Philips

You’ve definitely heard of Philips before, the Dutch multinational being a world leader in the electronics industry. This alarm clock that doubles as a wake-up light might be on the expensive side, but the therapeutic benefits of the lamp have been clinically proven to improve your sleep, energy levels and overall well-being. You’d therefore be making an investment on your health.

The alarm clock will gently wake you up with 2 natural sounds and a sunrise-imitating light, improving your mood as you step out of bed. If you’re not quite ready to leave your bed, simply tap the top of the clock to activate the snooze function. It also doubles as a radio to keep your bedside table cluster-free.

Analogue Alarm Clock by Drillpro

We couldn’t possibly make a selection of the best alarm clocks out there without including at least one analogue model. This Drillpro clock has won its place by perfectly fulfilling its main function of waking you up, while also presenting an elegant design that will perfectly fit on your night table. Luckily for some, this analogue clock doesn’t make any ticking noise.

The white numbers on a black background are very easy to see, and the clock features a night light to allow you to read the time in the dark. This model is great for heavy sleepers since it has a loud alarm that will ring for five minutes to help you out of bed. This battery-powered product is very easy to use and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Echo Spot by Amazon

Do we really need to introduce Amazon? Probably not, but you may not have known that they made their very own smart alarm clocks called Echo Spot. It’s not higher up on our list because its price may be a bit prohibitive, but it’s an absolute wonder of a device. On top of all its functions, this product also has a very attractive design that will let you place it just about anywhere.

Its functions, you ask? Use the voice service Alexa to set your alarm, and it will wake you up right on time. It’ll also tell you the weather and even give you a news flash as you gently slip out of bed. Echo Spot isn’t a mere alarm clock, since you’ll be able to use it around your home to make calls, listen to music or even order food. Past buyers definitely think it’s worth its price. Will you?

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about alarm clocks

We’re confident that you’ve found our past section useful to help you pick the right alarm clock. You probably discovered what the most useful features are when it comes to these devices. The great thing is that you now know that alarm clocks come in all shapes and sizes to fit your taste, too. In fact, you’ll quickly realise that the market offers any type, from the most basic to the most advanced models. Let’s find out more about alarm clocks.

Happy wake up of a happy man stopping alarm clock

Try to give two power sources to your alarm clock if it uses battery.
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What is an alarm clock exactly?

An alarm clock is a device – either analogue or digital – used to wake you up. Most use a sound, although some models use a light. You can choose the time at which the alarm should go off, and even the day if you have a digital model. You can easily turn off your alarm clock, and they generally have a function to repeat the alarm.

Are digital or analogue models better?

The very first thing you’ll probably ask yourself when buying an alarm clock is whether to go for an analogue or a digital one. Analogue alarm clocks are models that have hands to show you the time. These traditional models will use one of these hands for you to set the time of the alarm. On the other hand, digital alarm clocks show the time on a digital display.

Remember that analogue alarm clocks will only serve as a clock and an alarm, nothing more. Digital models are also used as radios, speakers or even MP3 players. Analogue clocks may offer more appealing aesthetics and a more affordable price, while digital ones win in every other aspect. The former may make some kind of ticking noise, the light of the latter may disturb your sleep.

We’ve listed their main differences in the table below:

Analogue alarm clock Digital alarm clock
Sound They use a buzzer as an alarm. They have a very wide array of alarms.
Battery They need different types of batteries to function. They may work with batteries or a power plug.
Time They use hands to show the time. They show the time with numbers.
Design Their design is traditional and attractive. They offer more minimalist designs.
Function They only work as clock and alarm. They may have many other options.

Why buy an alarm clock and not use my mobile phone?

You may be wondering why you should buy an alarm clock when your smartphone has one already. One of the reasons why they are recommended is because you shouldn’t sleep with your mobile phone right next to you. It hasn’t yet been proven that having your phone close at night was harmless to your health. You may also be tempted to use it it.

Experts have demonstrated that using a mobile device before bed makes falling asleep more difficult. Some people also have trouble simply letting go of it, and end up wasting minutes or even hours of sleep on it. An incoming call or message could also wake you up. This is why you should really consider buying your own alarm clock and leaving your smartphone in another room.

Cup mug and retro alarm clock on the table in bedroom.

Most homes count with at least one alarm clock.
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What are the main parts of a digital alarm clock?

It’s always useful to understand how your digital clock works, and therefore its different parts. This will help you to know what each component is for and therefore make your use of the device much easier. You’ll find everything you need to know in the list we’ve prepared for you below:

  • Screen. The screen should make up for a good part of the clock. You must be able to clearly read the digits. Good lighting is also very important for this.
  • Dimmable display. This function allows you to balance the light of the screen. If you don’t have this, you may issues falling asleep due to excessive luminosity. The same goes if you are particularly sensitive to light.
  • Snooze function. The snooze function is extremely important to have and must be easy to use. This is particularly important if you want to sleep a few minutes more. The snooze function can help you wake up little by little without fearing to fall back asleep.
  • Extra battery. Your alarm clock has the crucial function of getting you to work, to the hospital or to the airport on time. It cannot stop working, which is why your model should use either a rechargeable battery and batteries, or be plugged in and use batteries. That way, one power source can stop working without rendering your clock useless.
  • Built-in radio. Nowadays, many alarm clocks feature this option so you can wake up to your favourite station.
  • Multiple alarms. This function allows you to program one alarm for your partner and another for yourself. You can also use this instead of the snooze function. For instance, you can set one alarm at 7:30 a.m. and another at 8 a.m. to wake up smoothly.
  • Bluetooth. You’ll be able to connect your alarm clock to your smartphone and take profit of some of its functions.
  • Projector. You may already have seen alarm clocks that project the time onto the ceiling or the wall. This allows you to quickly see the time if you wake up during the night or before going to bed. However, this is uncomfortable for some people.
  • Progressive wake-up. The sound of the alarm starts very softly and slowly gets louder. This allows you to wake up progressively.
  • USB input. Used to charge the battery of your alarm clock.

What can help me buy the best alarm clock?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of aspects to keep in mind when buying your alarm clock. We’ll look into these in more depth further down in the article, but we want you to know already which you should most value. We’ve listed them below for you, and they’ll help you make the best possible decision:

  • Opinions: Try to read other users’ comments and ratings.
  • Functions: Be very clear about the functions that interest you.
  • Price: Always look for the best value for money.
  • Size and design: These are important for your alarm clock to fit in your room.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of alarm clocks?

We’ve already gone over quite a bit about alarm clocks, so you must have a pretty clear idea about what is most important for you. In the following section, we’ll talk about these key aspects that you shouldn’t neglect when making your purchase. But before we do, let’s have a look at a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of these devices:

  • They help you wake up on time.
  • They are generally easy to use.
  • They are affordable.
  • They make some people nervous.
  • It is not a natural way to wake up.

Shopping Criteria

We’re about to wrap up our shopping guide on alarm clocks, but we want to go over a few key criteria before we do. If you take these into account, as well as everything you’ve learnt so far in the article, you’ll have all you need to make the best possible decision. Here are the basic features that most models will offer:


Your alarm clock should naturally be easy to use. If you’re familiar with using technology, this shouldn’t really be a problem. But you might have to think about other types of users, such as older people or younger children. In these cases, you are advised to opt for models that are very simple and straightforward to use.

Alarm clock about to ring alongside a sleeper

Keep in mind that analogue models only have two functions: waking you up and giving you the time.
(Source: Racorn: 54149287/ 123rf.com)


As we mentioned above, try to have two power sources for your alarm clock. You could for example charge it via USB and also use batteries, or have it plugged into a power socket and have batteries. This will prevent you from being late if you have a power cut at home. Of course these things won’t happen very often, but you’ll be safe if or when it does.


This is an optional function that can come in very handy. It will allow you to wake up every morning with music, which can be much more pleasant than the regular alarm. The radio is also a useful companion on those nights where you have difficulties falling asleep. This feature is a nice plus to have as long as the price of the model doesn’t exceed your budget.


Digital alarm clocks generally don’t make any noise. Analogue models, on the other hand, do make the typical ticking noise of clocks. While this isn’t a particularly disturbing sound, there are people who simply can’t fall asleep with it.


This is basically the same issue as with our last point: certain people get nervous when they constantly see the time. This is especially truly for those with sleep problems. Seeing the night go by without sleeping can be a very oppressive feeling, in which case we recommend you to opt for an alarm clock that doesn’t show the time in the dark.


Most homes count with at least one alarm clock. This basic device wakes you up and prevents you from being late everywhere. While it is true that smartphones now offer this function, you now know that sleeping with your phone next to you wasn’t a good idea. That way, you won’t be tempted to use it or be woken up by a notification.

As you saw in our ranking, the Australian market has a very wide array of alarm clocks for you to find the one that most suits your needs. Think about the functions you want, and don’t forget to go for the best value for money. The design, features, or style – digital or analogue – are also key. In the end, you need to pick the perfect device for you.

Did you enjoy reading our shopping guide? If so, feel free to share it on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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