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The vast majority of people feel that keeping a clean home is essential. The best way to achieve this is to keep the mess to a minimum. You won’t waste time cleaning if you keep things tidy all the time. There are a number of accessories that you can have at home to help you. Smokers, for instance, won’t be able to do with an ashtray.

It is essential for you to have an ashtray if one of your family members or yourself smoke. You may also have occasional guests who will be happy to use it. Bars and restaurants where smoking is not prohibited generally offer them on their terrace too. We’ve designed the following shopping guide to help you choose the right ashtray for your home.

Key Facts

  • There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when you’re buying your very own ashtray. You’ll be satisfied with your purchase if you evaluate all of them and how important they are to you.
  • You can use your ashtray for cigarette ashes, but also for incense or paper residues.
  • One of the most important aspects you should remember is that ashtrays are often in plain sight. This is why the market offers very aesthetic models. We bet you don’t want it to mess up your home decor.
  • As with most purchases, it is also important for the product you opt for to offer great value for money.

Our selecction: The best ashtrays on the Australian market

We want to start off this article by giving you an insight on the very best ashtrays available right now on the Australian market. You might think that this kind of accessory doesn’t differ very much from one model to the next. This isn’t necessarily true, and you’ll discover in the next section some of the key variations ashtrays might present.

TOWOMO Vintage Ashtray with Lid

This elegant ashtray by TOWOMO will bring a delightful touch of the Old Continent to your home decor, as well as serving beautifully its primary function: keeping ashes contained when you smoke. Made from a tin alloy, this product is extremely resistant and will stand the test of time. It features three slot holders on the front so that you can leave your cigarette resting at any time.

The main feature of this TOWOMO ashtray is its easy-to-use lid that will help maintain the ashes inside and away from the wind. This lid is also designed to close automatically in case the ashtray falls, preventing ashes and butts from scattering everywhere. Originally designed to be used with cigars, it will naturally work just as well to keep the ashes of your cigarettes.

Buddha Smoking Accessories Push-button Ashtray

This push-button ashtray by Buddha Smoking Accessories presents a very classic design, one that has gained popularity due to its usefulness. All you have to do is deposit your ashes on the top platform, press the spinning button and your ashes will immediately be deposited in the container below. It works just the same with your cigarette butt when you’re done smoking.

The metal finish gives it a simple yet elegant style, as does the faux crocodile leather strip around it. It also features three cigarette holders. According to past customers, this Buddha ashtray easily opens to let you empty and clean it when needed. It comes in two different sizes for you to choose from.

DaTOOL Freestanding Ashtray

This freestanding ashtray by DaTOOL will be a fantastic addition to your terrace or garden, as it presents a very useful yet sleek design. Made from stainless steel, it is weatherproof and anti-rust, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. It is very easy to install upon reception and you’ll be able to use it in a hurry.

It stands at a height of approximately 55 centimetres, ideal for most smokers. According to the manufacturer, this ashtray can hold up to 50 cigarettes. It also features a push button that will send ashes and butts alike to the bottom of the ashtray, helping keep smoke odours away. The base is weighted to provide extra stability to the ashtray.

MagiDeal Stainless Steel Ashtray

MagiDeal is a Hong Kong-based company that designs quality home and living products at extremely affordable price, so it shouldn’t come as a wonder that this ashtray is the most affordable on our list. Costing a mere 5 dollars, it is made from stainless steel and incredibly resistant.

It features three holders to place your cigarette. Its open design means it is equally easy to empty and to clean. This silver ashtray is elegant and will easily blend into your home decor. Its compact size also makes it easy to carry around.

Allnice Car Ashtray

This transportable car ashtray by Allnice will be a fantastic technological addition to your vehicle, and you can easily take it around with you when you’re not on the road. The best feature of this little wonder is that it also features a built-in cigarette lighter so you’re never left dry.

Designed to fit in the cup holder of most vehicles, this ashtray presents an easy-to-open lid to conveniently place your ashes while keeping odours locked in. The lighter is rechargeable via a USB cable provided with the product. Its detachable design allows you to quickly empty and clean this Allnice ashtray.

Butt Bucket Ashtray

The Butt Bucket ashtray is the product you need if you want to head to the beach or the park and enjoy a nice smoke without leaving your butts lying around. It is designed to put out your cigarette in a matter of seconds, holding the ashes and keeping bad odours to a minimum.

This ashtray is lightweight and compact: it is therefore ideal to carry around, leave in your home and have in your car. It comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from. Each pack includes two Butt Bucket ashtrays, offering incredible bang for your buck.

Koolkatkoo Ceramic Ashtray, Set of 2

Koolkatkoo is the brand for cat lovers, and all their designs include a little something to remind you of kitties. This cute set of two ashtrays features cat faces on the front of each one, and their sleek design makes them a lovely addition to your home decor.

These ashtrays by Koolkatoo are very easy to clean and made from ceramic. This material is sturdy and can stand the test of time, meaning you won’t have to buy another ashtray for years to come. Note that their open design makes them more suitable for indoor use.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about ashtrays

Now that you’ve discovered some of the options available on the market, you have learnt about many features that an ashtray can offer. In the next section, we will introduce you to other key aspects to further help you in making the right decision.

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Certain ashtrays present additional features that allow them to be more efficient.
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How should I use my ashtray?

The use of an ashtray is very simple and straightforward for all smokers, but these products are extremely helpful. If you do not have one, cigarette ashes will scatter all over the place, which is particularly unpleasant if you smoke inside your home. Putting the ashes in the ashtray is easy, and how you do this will only depend on the specific model you opt for.

Where should I place my ashtray?

It is common to find several ashtrays if various smokers live under the same roof. As you can imagine, they willl best fit in your home in the places you use to smoke. Whether they are in a room, in your garden or on the terrace, remember that these accessories should be kept out of the reach of children. It is also advised to avoid smoking in front of them.

What are the advantages of small ashtrays?

Having a small ashtray at home will allow you to easily move it from one place to another as you smoke. You might want, for instance, to place a larger model in your living room. These tend to come in very attractive designs and will perfectly fit in your home decor. If you have several smokers in the house, you’ll also want a couple of transportable ashtrays for everyone to enjoy.

Did you know that the term ashtray originally referred to the part located under the fireplace’s grid that collected the ashes and residues generated by combustion?

Are ashtrays with lids convenient?

One of the different types of ashtrays available on the market are the ones that feature a lid. Their use is very practical, particularly when smoking outside: they help prevent the ashes from scattering with the wind. You can even find certain models that do not have lids but whose design avoids the air from entering it and spilling the ashes.

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The price of an ashtray will depend on its size, quality, performance and its manufacturing material.
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When should I clean my ashtray?

We strongly encourage you to buy an ashtray that will be easy to clean. Models that you can dismantle also need to be simple to assemble. Finally, you need to be able to empty the ash and cigarette container hassle-free. You are advised to do so before your ashtray is completely full, as this will prevent accidents from happening.

The latest ashtray models present various parts that are generally removable, which is why you’ll need to read the instructions to clean them properly. Remember to do so when the ashes are cold, or you’ll most likely burn yourself in the process.

What materials are ashtrays made from?

As you’ve noticed already, there is a wide range of different ashtrays on the Australian market. Several aspects allow you to distinguish one model from another: size, quality, price and performance, but also their manufacturing material. Knowing the different options available to you is the best way to choose the ashtray that will most suit your needs. We’ve listed the different materials below:

  • Wood ashtrays. They are very decorative. Some models are handmade, which gives them greater value than their actual usefulness.
  • Crystal ashtrays. These transparent models tend to go unnoticed. You’ll need to be careful with them, as their heavier weight can lead to accidents.
  • Glass ashtrays. Their features are very similar to those made with crystal.
  • Bronze ashtrays. These models are also heavy and you’ll want to avoid them falling on your furniture, floors or feet.
  • Ceramic ashtrays. These very delicate models need to be handled with great care. Some of them are purely decorative.
  • Stainless steel ashtrays. These may just be the most recommended, as they combine aesthetics, practicality and easy cleaning.
  • Melamine ashtrays. These models are also very common and present attractive designs. This material imitates wood in appearance.
  • Silicone ashtrays. You will find various options in dozens of different colours to fit your home.

What types of ashtrays are available on the market?

As you might have realised from our ranking in the first section of this article, many different options of ashtrays are available to you on the Australian market. You need to be clear about what each type offers, which is why we designed the following table. We’re confident it will make your final decision easier.

Type of ashtray Description
Table ashtrays These are the most commonly found in homes. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Some models feature a lid.
Portable ashtrays They are generally made from stainless steel and are designed for you to carry when you’re on the go. It will help you avoid throwing ashes everywhere.
Beach ashtrays Most of these models available on the market are made of plastic and are very affordable. They can be used on the beach but also anywhere else when you make outside.
Freestanding ashtrays  Certain freestanding models are extremely aesthetic and a great decorative accessory. You can find truly original designs.
Cigarette bins Depending on the state you live in, the ban on smoking in public places will defer. This means that this type of model is often only found in front of buildings.
Push-button ashtrays  The button featured on top of these ashtrays is pushed to make the ashes fall inside. They are very practical and comfortable to use.
Car ashtrays  Besides the more common models that are found in standard cars, you can also take some ashtrays into your vehicle.
Decorative ashtrays  These ashtrays are solely designed to decorate your home. They present original designs that take precedence over functionality. Some are very fun.

Are there ashtrays that eliminate odours?

Smokeless ashtrays are another type of product that we did not include in the table above. Certain models sold on the market are designed to neutralise some of the smoke. While they are less affordable than other ashtrays we discussed earlier, they will be a fantastic investment if you have the habit of smoking at home. This will help you prevent the smell from spreading throughout your house.

These ashtrays are designed to turn off the embers and often releases negative ions with high pressure air. This is because the air remains clean when oxygen ions are freed. There is one extremely important factor that you’ll have to take into account if you decide to opt for this type of ashtray: the surface in square metres of the space they can efficiently be used in.

How much does an ashtray cost?

As you noticed from our selection of products, ashtrays come in a wide price range. You can easily find products that cost less than 10 dollars, just like you could spend over 1,000 dollars for your new ashtray if you wanted to. Note that the latter are generally decorative or have a particular value due to their history.

Here is a rough guide for ashtray prices on the market right now:

Type of ashtray Price
Ashtrays with lids Their usual price is between 10 and 25 dollars.
Portable ashtrays Their prices ranges from 5 to 15 dollars.
Freestanding ashtrays Their price range is wider, oscillating between 20 and 50 dollars.
Car ashtrays You can find models below 15 dollars, with others exceeding 50 dollars.
Push-button ashtrays Again, prices can vary between less than 15 dollars to over 40.
Table ashtrays These are very affordable, ranging from 5 to 20 dollars.
Cigarette bins With starting prices around 40 dollars, they can easily cost over 100 dollars.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ashtrays?

It’s quite obvious that you have one or more ashtray at home if you’re a regular smoker. These products are fundamental if you don’t want ashes flying around your house. You always have the option to make your own improvised ashtray if you don’t have a proper one, but keep in mind that this is neither practical nor hygienic.

  • You can find very affordable models.
  • They are generally easy to clean.
  • They help you keep your home clean.
  • Certain models offer very advanced functions.
  • Some ashtrays are less comfortable to use.
  • You need to empty them before they fill up.
  • They may encourage smoking.

Shopping Criteria

We’re about to wrap up our shopping guide, but we don’t want to let you go before introducing you to a last set of key factors. Evaluate them before making your purchase, and we’re ready to bet you’ll get just the right ashtray for your needs. The following five shopping criteria will help you choose the perfect model:


As you discovered throughout our article, there is a wide range of types available on the market. In order for you to buy the one that is most interesting for you, you have to gauge your needs. Once you’ve done, you’re almost certain to find an ashtray out there that meets your requirements.

rare ashtray

Ashtrays are essential in homes that have family members who smoke.
(Source: Ivan Spasic: 104451610/ 123rf.com)


It is important that you consider the size of ashtrays before opting for a specific one. Remember to have several models, or larger ones, if several people in your household smoke; you need to be able to easily collect all the ashes. Opt for a smaller ashtray if it’s designed to rest on a table. Regarding size, keep in mind that freestanding ashtrays may be larger than most. Think about the space you’re willing to dedicate to it and make the best possible decision.


First and foremost, ashtrays are naturally practical items. They were invented to collect ashes and the most important thing is that they fulfil this very function. That being said, you need to remember that your ashtray will most likely be left in plain sight. This means that you can’t completely leave out its design and aesthetics. The great news is that the market offers a very wide array of options for you to choose from.

Additional features

Certain ashtrays will also include additional features that make them more efficient. We encourage you to have a look at these features and see if one or more may be of interest to you. Once you’re clear on what you want, it will be much easier for you to make the right decision.


Last but not least, think about the material the ashtray is made from. While it first needs to fulfil its intended use, it is also important that the model you choose be aesthetic if this aspect matters to you. Taking into account these two aspects, you’ll be able to opt for a material that will satisfy you.


Ashtrays are essential items in any home where smokers live. The market is filled with various options to choose from. Many different materials are used in their manufacture, and they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. All you have to do is pick one that is tailored to your needs, while also pleasing you aesthetically.

When it comes to price, these products vary greatly from one model to the next: it can easily go from a few bucks to over 1,000 dollars. As you can imagine, the latter tend to offer something very special that makes them so valuable. In the end, the most important is that you avoid spreading the ashes throughout your house if you’re a regular smoker. This is exactly what ashtrays are for, so make sure to buy your own!

Did you enjoy reading our shopping guide on ashtrays? If so, feel free to share this article on your social media, and leave us a comment in the section below.

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