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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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They say that a healthy dog is a happy dog, and your little pup will need more than unconditional love and joy to ensure its health: you’ll also have to provide daily food! Your dog’s bowl should naturally be sturdy and made from quality materials, but what are other important factors to consider?

The size of your pet, its health conditions and eating habits are all aspects that you should take into account. Did you know that anti-anxiety dog bowls were a thing? They indeed exist, and we’ve created this guide so you can know all about this dog essential. Let’s get going!

Key Facts

  • Dog bowls are specifically designed to feed your dog.
  • You shouldn’t choose this product lightly. The right model can put an end to your pup’s obesity.
  • You’ll find an infinity of models on the market, but the one you opt for should fit your pet’s needs. That may mean an elevated bowl, or one with properties to combat canine anxiety.
  • Many materials are used to make dog bowls, with 18/8 stainless steel being one of the best ones out there.

Our Selection: The best dog bowls in the market

Nowadays, dog bowls can be portable, single or double, or designed specifically to soothe all their food cravings. The diversity of options and price range are truly incredible, and everyone will find their heart’s desire. The following section is our very own selection of the best models available on The Australian market to help you make the best decision.

Zenify Slow Feeder

Zenify is an Australian brand that wants to give back to your pets the unconditional love and happiness they give you. Their products offer great quality and come at affordable prices, and this is why this slow feeder has become Amazon’s Choice in the category. It is available in three colours and has a capacity of 500 millilitres.

This anti-anxiety feeder is designed to help your gobbling dog take its time when it’s food time. This helps prevent obesity and intestinal problems. This maze-like bowl won’t hurt its gum and is dishwasher safe. Past customers have praised the value for money and overall quality of this dog bowl suitable for dry or wet food.

Set of 2 Anti-skid Stainless Steel Bowls by Paws’n’Claws

Made from stainless steel, this is the most classic design for dog bowls. There’s a reason for this: its no-frills style offers everything your dog and yourself need when it comes to feeders. Stainless steel is a durable material, easy to clean and elegant. Its capacity of 850 millilitres is most suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, or for puppies.

These products feature rubber rings on the bottom to prevent them from sliding all over the place when your dog is eating away. According to the manufacturer, these dog bowls are non-toxic, rust-proof and won’t retain odours after washing.

Westlink specialises in all kinds of dog products and accessories, and this automatic feeder has been praised by past customers. With a capacity of 6 litres, it can be programmed to deliver up to 4 meals of dry food every 24 hours. The infrared sensor is built to avoid dispensing food if there are leftovers.

One incredible feature of Westlink’s feeder is its voice recorder and speaker, allowing you to record a message to call your dog for meal times. Note that this product requires three batteries or a USB connection to function. Its price is naturally steeper than that of other models on this list, but it’ll be a great choice if you’re often away during the day.

Zenify Foldable Dog Bowl

Here is another particularly useful dog bowl from Zenify. This portable feeder will become an essential item if you often take trips with your fluffy best friend. The product includes two flexible bowls made of eco-sustainable silicone and a bag for easy transport. It goes from a small 2-centimetre height to a whopping 7 centimetres, with a capacity of 1 litre.

Made from food grade BPA-free silicone, this dog bowl is suitable for all types of dogs. The carabiner lets you attach it to your belt or backpack so you have it handy for your pet’s dinner time. Past customers have particularly appreciated the portability and sturdiness of this product. Available in six different colours.

Super Design Elevated Dog Bowl

This raised feeder by Super Design might just be your best option if your dog is elderly or suffers from intestinal or muscle pains, as it will prevent it from having to bed down to eat. With three different heights available, you’ll surely find the one that most suits your pet’s needs. This product is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Available in six colours.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about dog bowls

As we’ve mentioned before, the dog bowl market is incredibly developed today: from portable to automatic dispensers, large or small, or even models designed to prevent over-eating. There are so many options that it can be hard to make a decision. The following section will introduce you to the most frequently asked questions regarding dog bowls, and naturally their answers, to help you in your puppy quest.

Portrait of adult couple with dog and purchases

The model you choose will be determined by the age and breed of your fluffy friend.  (Source: Filimonov: 116719594/

What are dog bowls exactly and why are they so important?

These bowls or containers are designed to serve either dry or wet dog food. Essential for the health of man’s best friend, this product is absolutely necessary: many issues – such as intestinal problems or overweight – can go away with the right bowl.

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Can the wrong bowl harm my dog?

Yes, unfortunately. According to Basis Pet, American company Petco was forced to withdraw its stainless steel bowls from the market in 2012 as they were deemed radioactive. Start by making sure that the product meets the appropriate quality standards. We suggest you avoid stainless steel bowls that are not dishwasher safe or that are only indicated for “domestic use”.

In certain products, the formulas may hide that the stainless steel used is inferior to type 304 (also known as 18/8 stainless steel), which is the most frequent for food applications.

Dogs have the ability to hear sounds up to 225 metres away.

Why is dog bowl care so important?

We often forget to clean our pet’s bowl, but this can have serious affect on their health. You wouldn’t use the same dish for a week straight, would you? Well, the same goes for your dog’s feeder. Otherwise, bacteria can flourish and lead to illnesses.

These may include stomach upset, diarrhoea or vomiting; washing your dog’s bowl really is essential. Here’s a quick fix to keep your pup healthy: water, soap and thorough ringing every day.

Automatic Electronic Digital Pet Dry Food Storage Meal Feeder Di

Automatic feeders are perfect if you’re busy, as they allow you to control the feeding. (Source: Kharchenko: 115371510/

What types of dog bowls are available out there?

As we said earlier, you’ll find a wide range of them on the market. This is why choosing the best model for your best friend’s need can be a bit of challenge. The table below contains some of the main dog bowls, ordered by type and material. You’ll also learn about their different features, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of feeders Features Advantages Disadvantages
Plastic They come in different shapes and sizes. These containers are made from different polymers. If they are your choice, opt for a quality model free of carcinogenic substances, such as bisphenol A or BPA. They are easy to clean and handle, affordable, and light. They usually feature a non-slip ring at the base to prevent it from moving. Your dog may have allergic reactions to certain components, so check its snout for possible irritations.
Ceramic They offer different sizes to match your dog. They are heavy enough not to move. Easy cleaning. They can break, and ceramic is a porous material that can accumulate bacteria.
Stainless steel Bowls available in various shapes and sizes. They are stainless, sturdy, easy to clean and lightweight. This is the best material for dog feeders. They can easily move without a non-slip base. Avoid these models, as they can lead to an accumulation of fungi and bacteria.
Slow feed, anti-anxiety or with obstacles These are usually made from plastic and feature several protrusions to force your dog to eat slowly. They mitigate its anxiety for food and prevent intestinal problems. Poor quality products can quickly deteriorate.
Portable or travel feeders Specifically designed for travelling, they tend to be made from resistant plastics or silicone, but also stainless steel. They are perfect if you’re often on the go. They are foldable and generally include a separate water bowl. Poor quality models will accumulate bacteria, so cleanliness is the word.
Elevated bowls These feeders are designed to be at the right height so your dog doesn’t have to bend down to eat. The height should be adjustable, and these models generally feature two stainless steel bowls. They should reach your pet’s chest when its legs are straight. Eating at the appropriate height will be very beneficial for the animal’s health, as it prevents stomach torsions and therefore stomach problems. They are particularly useful for older dogs. Thoroughly clean the part under the bowl, as moisture pockets can develop, and fungi and bacteria proliferate.
Automatic gravity feeders Automatic bowls are designed to let food drop as your dog eats, so you don’t have to worry about the food for several days. You can also find programmable feeders. Their transparent design allows you to see the amount of food left. Plastic feeders should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.
Feeders for dogs with long ears These tall and narrow bowls were specifically developed for dogs with long, falling ears like the beagle or the cocker. They are generally made from plastic. Non-slip bases are essential. They prevent your dog’s ears from falling into the food. They are affordable. Cleanliness is key to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
Programmable or electronic feeders These electronic devices let you control the quantity of food your pet can eat. They can be programmed for specific hours. Perfect for busy people. You can control the quantity and time at which your dog eats. Excellent to control canine obesity and for sick dogs. They are more expensive and the configuration can be complex. opt for top-quality products to avoid failure.

Why are slow feed or anti-anxiety bowls useful?

Some dogs don’t eat; they gobble their food. If the food is swallowed whole rather than chewed, this is a risk of suffocation, and your pet may vomit or suffer from stomach upset. This is why pet product manufacturers have designed anti-anxiety dog feeders, which forces your animal to eat at a slower pace.

Mature woman choosing pet food bowl for her puppy in pet supplie

You should thoroughly clean your dog’s bowl every two to three days. (Source: Filimonov: 116003548/

Should my dog feeder also include a water dispenser?

It is not the most recommended. We’re sure you’ve already seen bowls featuring water dispenser right next to them. It is generally suggested to keep these two products separates, so as to avoid the water from wetting the dry food. This can lead to the formation of mould or bacteria harmful to your dog.

Shopping Criteria

If you’ve come this far, it’s that you’ve realised buying the right dog bowl isn’t as easy as you originally thought. Factors such as the size or age of your pet should be taken into account to make the right decision. The following section will tell you all you need to know regarding these criteria:

Vet’s opinion

It might be obvious for some, but no one will know your dog’s physical health like his vet. Elevated feeders are particularly useful if your pet is already old, while gravity models may be the best option if you’re always busy and your dog doesn’t gobble its food. Checking with a professional beforehand is never a bad idea.

Double pet bowl 3D

Elevated feeders are perfect to avoid your dog from bending its spine to eat. (Source: Djurovic: 119360685/

Pet size

We’re ready to bet your Yorkshire doesn’t eat as much as your German shepherd. Nowadays, manufacturers design their products according to the animals’ sizes, so finding the most suitable model shouldn’t be a problem. Dog bowls generally come in various sizes – S, M and L. In any case, don’t neglect this key aspect.

Dogs have a total of 18 muscles in their ears.


In our previous section, you discovered the variety of materials used in the manufacturing of dog bowls, and we can’t emphasis enough on the importance of this. Always choose a good quality material, both resistant and sturdy, as well as easy to clean. If you’re not sure, quality stainless steel will always be the right choice.

Portable bowls feeding and food isolated on white background.

Made from tough plastics, portable bowls are designed for travelling. (Source: Bullltus: 95118901/


You should know by now the importance of maintaining top hygiene for your dog’s bowl, and this is why we encourage you to opt for an easy-to-clean model. Dishwasher safe products will be a big plus if you have little time on your hands. Don’t forget to give a good scrubbing at least every three days!


Dog bowls are naturally accessories in themselves, but other extras can help you when it comes to your dog’s eating habits. Bowl mats, for instance, will prevent humidity that lead to germ growth; they also protect your floors, whether that is terrazzo, wooden flooring or any other material.

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User reviews and ratings

Feel free to have a look at users ratings on social media and other websites before settling on a specific dog bowl. Besides those stars handed by past customers, you’ll also be interested in finding out useful technical aspects in the reviews you have access to online.


The food you give to your dog isn’t the only important thing; accessories like dog bowls are also essential. They can contribute to their health, especially if they are elderly or suffer from canine obesity, for instance. Modern feeders can regulate the frequency of their eating habits or avoid anxious eating.

Electronic bowls are devices that deserve a while article to themselves; they offer fantastic advantages, like the ability to program when and how much your dog eats. Make sure you consider all the factors we’ve discussed in our last section, and you’ll pick the perfect product for your best fluffy friend.

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