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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Cats sleep several hours a day, and having a quality bed is very important for their well-being. These animals also like to have their own space, in particular when the time comes for them to rest. Even if they don’t mind sharing the sofa or other spaces with you, their own bed will make them happier and very comfortable.

We have designed the following article to introduce you to the different types of cat beds that are available on the Australian market. This will also help you further understand your cat’s behaviour. We’ll also answer basic questions for when you have a cat as a house companion and about their sleep routines. We’re confident you will find our shopping guide useful to find the best bed for your feline friend.

Key Facts

  • Cats need a quiet place to sleep. Beds are very useful as your cat’s hair will stay in there. However, it is still preferred to set the bed in a place where your cat regularly goes, so that it can enjoy using it whenever it wants.
  • You’ll find beds suitable to all types of cats: from distrustful or insecure animals who want an isolated corner, to those who love to wander around and be outside but still need a bed that is moisture-resistant.
  • It’s completely normal for you to want your cat wants to sleep outside, and you have beds specifically designed for this. If you want your cat with your in your bed, you should still designated a specific spot for them.

The best cat beds in the Australian market

In the following section, you will discover our selection of the very best cat beds available on the Australian market right now. We have also summed up and highlighted their main characteristics to help you find the product that best suits your cat’s needs as well as yours.

EasyEco Cat Cave

This cat cave by EasyEco has received incredible reviews by past customers, and it has become Amazon’s Choice in the category. Handmade by a family business, it is made with 100% New Zealand merino wool and is completely free of any synthetics or chemicals. That way, you’re also protecting your cat from potential allergic reactions.

This cat cave has a total circumference of 135 centimetres, and it weighs a mere 700 grams. You can easily place it where your cat is happy resting, and even move it around from time to time. Buyers have loved its handcrafted design, while also stating that their cats have taken to this new bed in no time. The overall quality has also been praised.

PetPals Rope Round Cat Bed

PetPals is a California-based brand that has designed and sold pet products internationally for over 20 years, so it’s no surprise that this fashionable cat bed has made it to our top five. Made from felt and paper rope, this amazing cat bed will not only provide comfort to your feline friend, but also look trendy in your home.

The blend of manufacturing materials is designed to last, and its round shape makes this bed ideal for cats who like to curl up to sleep. Made from warm plus, the pillow is very comfortable and we doubt your cat will want to rest anywhere else. According to PetPals, this product is easy to clean with the help of a vacuum or a lint roller.

MidWest Homes for Pets Plus Cat Bed

MidWest Homes for Pets is an American company that specialises in pet homes and products, and they have been around for decades already. Their plush pet bed is a no-frills mattress that will provide all the comfort your cat needs without standing out in your home decor. It is also available in three colours: grey, mocha and coco chic.

This cat mattress comes in seven different sizes, allowing you to pick just how big you want your cat bed to be. It is machine washable and dryer-friendly, meaning that its maintenance is almost effortless. Made from ultra-soft synthetic fur, this mattress should quickly become your cat’s favourite resting place. This product has a one-year warranty.

KATERT Window Cat Hammock

This easy-to-assemble cat hammock by KATERT will please your bird-watching feline friend beyond what you can imagine. Featuring a structure made of tubes, chords and a cover, all you need to do is stick the industrial grade suction cups on a door or window and your cat will be able to enjoy a view from above.

According to the manufacturer, the cups can hold up to 23 kilos of weight, which should be plenty enough for your furry pet. The cover is easy to remove and can be washed in the washing machine. Note that it is recommended to thoroughly wash a surface before attaching the cups to it. Past customers have loved how easy its use was.

Bloomma Cat Scratcher Bed

Last but not least, this product by Bloomma is the ideal resting option for all cats who simply love to scratch away at any surface they see. Made from corrugated paper, it is incredibly resistant and will withstand even the sharpest of claws.

The bowl shape of this product is also perfect for cats who like to sleep rolled up in a ball. This wonderful scratch board is extremely difficult to deform and your cat will be able to go at it for a long time. The manufacturing material is also designed to not irritate your cat.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about cat beds

Before making your purchase, it is essential that you be aware of certain key characteristics regarding cats. This will help you choose the bed that most suits your pet. In the section below, we discuss those important criteria and answer the most common questions asked by past buyers.

girl sleeping in bed with her cat

Cats brighten up your lonely days.
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Why does my cat spend so many hours in its bed?

While these animals are also very fast hunters, cats actually spend most of their time resting. They sleep approximately 70% of the day and you need to be aware that their sleep cycles are very different from ours. Kittens and and elderly cats will sleep even more, so don’t freak out if you see your feline spending long hours in bed.

Despite being domestic animals, you have to understand that their play routines usually involve a lot of movement that can truly tire them. For this reason, and because their general health requires it, cats sleep many hours a day.

Cats generally use the same places to rest, which is why they spend a lot of time in their bed.

Why does my cat need its own bed?

Even if you let your cats spend hours on the sofa or on your bed, it is necessary that they have their own bed. These animals love to have their own space that has their smell. Each bed on the market is also designed to fit the needs of each animal. If your cat is mistrustful, for instance, you could buy a covered model for your feline to feel safer.

While these animals do sleep a lot, you have to remember that they also exercise a lot during their playtime. This is why they need a soft surface to rest their body on afterwards. It’s also a good idea to opt for a bed made from materials that are adapted to the weather conditions. This is extremely important for the comfort of your cat.

cat on a bed for pets

Remember that cats are very tidy animals and need a clean bed.
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Why is it good for me that my cat has its own bed?

The truth is that your cat having its own bed will offer you many different benefits. It won’t leave hair all over the place, as most will be collected in the bed. This is the best solution for allergy-prone people, as their cats won’t leave that which triggers allergic reactions on furniture, but rather on their own little bed. These products are also easy to wash.

Your cat will play on its bed rather than scratching your furniture on which it sleeps, which can be quite common amongst those animals. This is why it is recommended to have several beds in the different places where your cat prefers to rest.

If your cat sleeps with you, remember that it will be less annoying for the both of you during the night if your cat has its own separate place.

Why does my cat like to sleep under its bed?

These felines are hunters, and they need places where they feel safe to rest and that are warm – their own dens. A place that provides them both warmth and safety is very comfortable for them, which is why you will sometimes find your cat under its bed rather than on it.

For this reason, it has become a trend for cat beds to now feature some kind of top cover. Some cat owners also like to put a blanket on the bed. This allows their pet to take shelter with the blanket, while still keeping the warmth of the bed under its body.

cat sleeping

The exterior of a cat bed can be made from a variety of materials: cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic or wicker.
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Why doesn’t my cat like its bed?

Your feline friend may not like its new bed and keep using its common resting places for several reasons. First of all, you may have place the bed in a spot of the house that your cat doesn’t like. The material with which the product is made or filled may also not be to its liking, be it by smell or touch.

Do keep in mind that these animals very tidy, and your cat will always want and need a clean bed. The great news is that most products available out there are machine washable. Your pet may not necessarily like that its bed doesn’t bear its smell anymore after being washed, in which case we recommend you to place some of its toys in the bed. Consider your cat’s habits to choose a bed that it will like and make the most of.

Lewis CarrollBritish Author
“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr.”

When will my cat most use its bed?

Cats are most active at dawn and dusk. It is basically when you’re most likely to be in resting mode that your pet will want to eat, play and jump around. On the other hand, the moments of the day when you’re most busy is when your cat will most want to sleep.

Even if you already provide the food your pet needs at home, it will by instinct be more awake at night, which is the time when it would have to hunt thanks to its ability to see in the dark. Cats also love taking advantage of the sun to lie down and rest in its heat.

Can I put my cat’s bed in the garden?

Yes, especially during daytime when it will love enjoying the warmth of the sun. That being said, experts do recommend that your cat sleep inside at night, to remain protected from the cold. If you’d rather it stayed outside or if you notice that your cat prefers to stay outside all the time, provide a safe and sheltered space.

You can find waterproof and well-protected beds that are specifically designed to keep your cat warm even if it stays in your garden. You should always analyse their behaviour and desires to make your pets happy. Even if they have a garden, certain kittens want nothing more than spending their days inside.

cute cat / kitten sleeping

Cats are most active at dawn and dusk.
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What is the best place to place my cat’s bed?

Choosing that spot will be influenced by the overall size of the bed and the space it will take. You should also take into consideration which part of the house your cat most frequents and where it likes to lie down.

Cats like to change places depending on the time of the day, so you could also decide to have several beds to protect your chairs and sofas.

You should remember that cats are difficult to control. They set their own rules and like to keep the same habits, so make sure you place the bed in their favourite places around the house. Otherwise, they may simply ignore their bed and continue to frequent the areas of the house where they enjoy sleeping.

Can I let my cat sleep in my bed?

Your cat can sleep with you if you want it, and if you see that it is comfortable. In fact, it is very common for people to place their kitten’s bed on top of their own, so that the animal has its own space. That way, you’ll be sleeping together but still have your own private spaces.

Cats are creatures of habit. They’ll love sleeping next to your face when they are still babies. As they grow up, they tend to position themselves at your feet. A lot people enjoy sleeping close to their cats, even though they may wake you up several times a night. They can wake up early and ask you for food.

Cat sleeping

Cats are creatures of habit.
(Source: Alena Ozerova: 37827230/

What are the benefits of sharing a bed with my cat?

Studies have shown that that petting animals relieves stress and increases oxytocin production. Some even say that people who have a cat at home are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Cats are very pleasant company, which helps avoid feeling lonely.

The purr of a cat also results very relaxing for certain people. This helps them sleep, as our feline friends tend to get more cuddly at night when their owner is around. Your cat will love to feel the warmth of your body and spend time with you. Some experts believe that this strengthens the bonds of affection.

Cats pay more attention to women than men because they understand better when spoken to in a high-pitched voice.

When shouldn’t my cat and I share a bed?

It is recommended that you sleep in separate places if you have an allergy to cats or asthma. You may be sleeping with your young child, in which case it is also advised to make your cat sleep elsewhere; otherwise, it might to sleep too close to your baby. You should also remember that light sleepers are likely to be woken up by their feline friend during the night.

It is important to mention that most pets can spread various diseases. While these are particularly isolated cases for cats, it is possible to get the following diseases via scratching: Chagas disease or the bubonic plague.

Should my cat sleep in my bed if I have allergies?

The skin of felines produces a protein called Fel d1 that is responsible for causing allergies in people. If that’s your case, you can naturally continue to cohabit with your cat, but there are a few precautions to follow. It is recommended to frequently brush your pet, remove the carpets, clean your home often and avoid sleeping together. This last part may be difficult for some people.

You should also know that mattresses, duvets, sheets and upholstery tend to attract allergens. It is therefore advised to avoid sharing them. This is why your cat having its own bed will contribute to your health. Your pet will be happier with its own bed and won’t rest on surfaces that you use.

Abyssinian cat

A cat’s purr can be very relaxing for some people.
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Can I teach my cat to sleep wherever I want?

Cats are well known for setting their own rules rather than abiding by the rules of others. That being said, you can educate them in doing certain things you want. Keep in mind that education should start the moment your cat arrives in your home. If they already have their routine, it will be very difficult to change those habits.

While you can train your cat, it has to be within what it likes. If your pet likes to rest on the couch, for instance, you won’t want to put its bed anywhere else in the house. Place it on the couch, close to it, or on a high surface. You can also leave treats in the bed or wherever you want your cat to sleep, or a garment that smells of you so it doesn’t miss you.

Shopping Criteria

Cat beds are extremely important items for your pet, who loves to have its own space to rest. The market offers a wide range of products, and you’ll have find the model that will suit your needs, and most importantly that of your cat. In the following section, we’ve analysed some key factors that will help you make the right decision:


Buying a bed or mattress in which your cat fits perfectly is essential for its rest. The majority of products available are closed to provide a sense of security to your pet, which is why you need to make sure it can fit inside before making the purchase. Take into account the length and width of your cat and you’ll find just the right bed.

A lot of beds on the market come in a single size, which is why you need to pay attention to this. These models are generally designed for medium sized cats, which are the most common. If your animal is very tall or obese, you’ll have to be very careful with the characteristics of the product you want to buy – especially if it is an enclosed space.

cute red haired kitten sleeping in hammock on a white background.

The market offers a wide variety of cat beds.
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External materials

The external part of the bed is important to consider, as it will offer a more or less pleasant touch for your cat. It also in part determines in which places you can set the bed. The manufacturing materials commonly used are: cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic or wicker. The material should be chosen according to the time of year.

Cotton and wool, for instance, will be most appropriate during the winter months, while felt or wicker are great bed materials in warm climates.

Remember to opt for waterproof materials if you decide to put the bed in the garden – plastic, latex or wicker are ideal for this. You can also buy a sleeping bag that is warm inside and covered with plastic to wick moisture away.

Filling materials

The key to your cat’s comfort is the material used to fill it. The floor on its own isn’t good enough to rest, and the truth is that your pet will always be on some kind of surface of your home. If you really want your feline friend to be happy with its own space, opt for a bed with the right padding that will make it soft and comfortable.

Foam is the most common filler used. You may want to go for a bed filled with viscoelastic foam if your cat is older and has joint problems. Allergy-prone animals will prefer cotton, feathers or wool. Ideal for summer, hammocks or wicker beds sometimes come with a mattress; otherwise, you can put it yourself.

Cats sleeping and hugging

Cats spend a lot of time resting.
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The design of a cat bed should be chosen based on how your pet sleeps and its size. Two things truly matter: that your cat is comfortable, and it uses its new bed instead of your furniture. There is a great variety of models out there when it comes to their shape. Here’s a quick table to help you pick the right one for your feline friend:

If your cat: Get this type of bed:
Sleeps stretched Mattress. Some models are flat and others have raised edges to provide a support for the head.
Sleeps rolled-up Enclosed/igloo type. This type gives a safe space for your animal to sleep.
Tends to be cold Sleeping bag. Your cat can sleep on top when it’s hot, or get inside for warmth when the weather cools.
Loves heights Hammock. These little beds can be hooked with suction cups or nails onto walls and windows for your feline to enjoy sleeping in height.
Often scratches with its claws Scratcher. These models feature shapes and materials that are suitable for your cat’s claws. That way, it won’t scratch your furniture or its fabric bed.

Beds according to their location

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to set the bed in a place where your cat is comfortable. If your animal prefers being outside, choose a product that can withstand humidity and provide warmth at the same time. If your feline friend enjoys being on the sofa, get a bed that can fit in that space. If it doesn’t mind not being on an elevated surface, a well-padded bed will be your option of choice.

On the other hand, if your cat is cold or distrustful and likes to hide to sleep, we recommend you opt for an enclosed bed or a sleeping bag that will provide true shelter. On the contrary, a hammock will satisfy your pet if it loves spending hours peeking out the window or climbing up the furniture in your home.


A cat bed is perfect to provide your pet with its own space and to improve its overall well-being and rest. These products are also great for you, as they will prevent your feline friend from damaging your furniture with its claws, or covering them with hair. If you suffer from allergies, cat beds also serve for collecting the particles that are harmful to you.

Even if you’re happy to share your bed or sofa with your pet, it is important that it has its own space too. These animals need privacy to feel comfortable. There is a wide range of cat beds available on the Australian market: pick one that is tailored to your cat’s personality and where you want to place it in your home. You can even get more than one and place them in your pet’s favourite corners!

If you liked our article on cat beds, feel free to share it with your friends on your social media. You can also leave us a comment with any question or suggestion you may have in the section below.

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