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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Everyone loves cats. If you’ve made it here and are reading this guide, you probably like them as well. Cats are adorable animals because they are great companions at home, they fall asleep in the most unusual places (on top of the Internet router, for example) and they are very clean. Also, with a cat there is no need to take them out for a walk everyday as there is with dogs.

However, although is may be minimal, cats do require a small level of care to keep them healthy, clean and looking their best. Today we are going to tell you everything about an absolutely necessary cat accessory; the cat brush. In this article we will explain what a cat brush is, the advantages and disadvantages of a cat brush, how to use one and many more questions. We want to give you all the information you need so that you can maintain an excellent relationship between you and your cat.

Key Facts

  • Taking care of your cat’s health is the most important responsibility as a cat owner. It’s not just about feeding your cat and keeping their sandbox clean, it’s also about looking after their coat. You have to brush your cat once a day, no matter if the hair is short or long.
  • One of the benefits of using a cat brush is that you will keep your house free of dead hair. This will keep cat hair clear from the floor of your house, the couch and your clothes.
  • We recommend a careful approach when introducing a brush to your cat’s daily routine. Do not expect the your cat to happily accept being brushed everyday as cats usually do not like changes to their routines.

Our recomendation: The best cat brush on the Australian market

A cat brush is not comparable to a human brush as cats need to shed their coat as part of their natural health processes, especially during summer, to cope with increasing temperatures. Dead hair will be left where it falls: on the floor, on couches, beds and other places in your house. Below we recommend to you the five best cat brushes that are currently available on the Australian market so that you can purchase a quality product.

Hartz Cat Brush

Weight: 132g. Size: 6cm x 8.3cm x 26.7cm. Colour black and purple. This cat brush by Hartz is two brushes and two grooming actions in one! On one side, the thin, hard pin side removes loose hair and gets rid of tangles, while on the other side, the nylon bristles distribute your cat’s natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat.

This brush is suitable for use on all cats, whether your cat has short or long hair. It is also very economical at only $12 with free delivery, making it a very easy purchase.

YOOHUG Retractable Dog Brush and Cats Brushes

This is a brush that is suitable for both cats and dogs, so if you have both types of animals in your house, this product could be perfect for you. This brush removes debris and dead/loose hair from your pet’s coat to prevent tangles without harming or hurting their skin as you brush.

In just 5 minutes of brushing you will be amazed at just how much loose hair has been removed from your cat’s coat. By using this cat brush you will help to increase blood circulation and keep your pet looking and feeling good.

Zenify Pet Grooming Glove

This is a glove-style grooming brush that cats love thanks to its smoothness and massage abilities. Cats prefer the pampering texture of soft silicon rather than rigid brushes and accessories. The soft glove with multi-sized silicon tips naturally adapts to the contours of your pet’s body making their grooming experience and enjoyable one.

The high-quality silicon layer on the inside of the glove means that it is super easy to clean and the glove’s outer material is breathable and quick to dry, meaning your glove won’t stay wet or get mouldy from moisture retention. This grooming glove is also machine washable, so you can throw it into the washing machine once a week to give it a good clean.

Pet Grooming Glove/De-shedding Brush

This is an excellent cat accessory for grooming both long and short to curly or straight haired cats. The two gloves make the daily grooming session a pleasure rather than a chore, and by using two gloves, the process is twice as fast!

Each glove is designed with a soft breathable mesh of 200+ soft rubber tips to massage your cat whilst removing tangles, de-shedding and collecting excess hair. These gloves can assist in reducing dreaded cat fur-balls when used daily as recommend by veterinarians.

Petgrow Pet Grooming Brush

This cat brush features a 4-inch stainless steel comb that is gentle on the skin of your cat to avoid any skin injuries. This innovative cat brush comes with a protective cover to increase the life span of the comb and it also features a de-shedding design that is perfect for removing tangles, knots, dandruff and trapped dirt.

At only $13 with free delivery, this cat grooming tool is an economical option for those customers who are unsure about which product to choose. If you buy this product on Amazon Australia, you will receive a 1 month free trial period, so you can return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about cat brushes

Buying a brush for your cat can be more complicated than you originally might have thought. When buying the first brush for your cat, you should keep in mind the characteristics of your cat: size, age or length of coat, in order to make a good decision. In the following section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about cat brushes.

man with a cat

Brushing your cat daily will be of great benefit to you and your pet.
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What is a cat brush?

A cat brush is a tool designed to help your pet stay well groomed, clean and hygienic. Cats are very clean and independent animals and usually like to do everything on their own. One of the things that cats do especially well is wash and comb their own hair. As cats are so flexible, they have the ability to reach and clean almost every part of their body by themselves.

Although cats can clean almost every part of their body, as a responsible cat owner, you should help your cat stay clean and well groomed. If you have a cat with very long hair, there is a strong possibility that sooner or later they will suffer from hairballs from continually cleaning their long hair. If this is the case, in addition to adding malt into their diet, you can brush your cat every day to reduce the problem.

Did you know that if a cat is overly dirty, it can lose the desire to wash.

What are the advantages of a cat brush?

Don’t think that if you have a short-haired cat that you can simply avoid brushing your cat, because the shorter the coat, the more the hair falls off to your pet, especially when you cat is moulting (spring to autumn). This is why we recommend you invest in a good brush for your cat. Below we list the advantages of using a brush for your cat.

  • It removes dead hair, as well as dandruff, dust, pollen from plants and all kinds of dirt.
  • Prevents your cat from choking on hairballs.
  • Encourages your cat’s blood circulation and makes the hair look healthier and stronger. This in turn leads to less hair loss over time.
  • By brushing it every day, your cat’s muscle tone improves.
  • By extracting the dead hair, your cat’s skin will oxygenate better.
  • Maintains a smooth coat that is free of knots, which contributes to improved heat regulation.
  • Whilst brushing, you investigate if your cat has parasites, such as fleas or ticks, as well as any skin wounds.
  • It will improve your pet-owner relationship by spending more time with your cat.
  • Brushing your cat will remind it of when it was a kitten, when its mother groomed it.

How to use a cat brush correctly?

We know that felines spend a high majority of the day grooming themselves in any corner of the house, but did you know that you can help them with this daily process and actually groom them better than they groom themselves? With a good daily brushing, you can prevent many health problems that your cat may develop or already have, both digestive and hygiene problems. Here are some tips on how to use a cat brush correctly.

  • First of all, feel your cat’s coat with your hands to identify possible knots and tangles, which will make the brushing process a little more difficult.
  • If there are too many knots, you can always take your cat to a specialised cat groomer. However, in many cases you can solve the problem by carefully cutting out those tangled bits. Don’t worry if it looks a bit patchy, as hair grows back fast.
  • Take care of the eyes, nose and ears when brushing. Also be careful if your cat has any skin wounds.
  • When you and your cat are ready, gently slide the brush in the direction the hair grows. This way the natural follicles are not damaged.
  • Try to brush their back first, as it is the area where it is more difficult for cats to reach.
  • The sooner you get your pet used to these moments, the more they’ll enjoy it. As you know, cats are animals of customs and routines, so use this to your advantage as consistently brush your cat.
  • When you finish brushing, offer them a reward (a fish croquette or a little malt treat). By doing this, they’ll identify this moment of maintenance as an enjoyable time.
  • It goes without saying that the brush must always be clean, so it is advisable to wash the brush well after each grooming session.

Woman using a comb brush the Persian cat

You must choose a brush that best suits the needs of your pet.
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How do I use a cat brush if my pet is nervous?

There will always be cats that have trust issues or are unaffectionate and do not enjoy the brushing process or they are simply very nervous during these times. If this happens to your pet, you’ll need to take some precautions every time you comb their hair. If this is the case, we offer some useful tips.

  • Pick a safe, relaxing place. Cats prefer if their routines and habits are in the same location and not in new places where they need to be alert all the time. That’s why it’s best to brush them in a place where they’re comfortable and have been before.
  • Before you start, gather all the things you think you’ll need. There is nothing worse than having a tentative cat almost convinced and having to get up for something you forgot.
  • Have a reward on hand, especially if your cat is not behaving well. If you give them a treat that they like at the end of the grooming session, they’ll soon get used to the process.
  • The same time for each grooming session. It’s beneficial if you get your cat used to a specific time every day for grooming.
  • As they get used to the process, you will see that it will not be as necessary to reward them with food every time, just a few good caresses.

What types of cat brushes are there?

When you want to buy a brush to groom your cat, you may have a few doubts and find yourself asking a few questions, such as: what type of brush does my cat need? Do I need one or multiple brushes? Is it better if I brush my cat or should I take my cat to a specialist cat groomer?

There is actually a lot more information to consider than you might have originally thought. You will find below that we have taken the trouble to classify the different kinds of cat brushes, so that you can identify the one that best fits your cat’s hair. Below you will find a table with 6 types of combs, as well as the benefits and possible disadvantages of each.

Type of brush Advantages Disadvantages
Bristle brush The most used

It is useful for many situations

If there are knots in your cat’s hair it will not work

Rubber brush Pins with soft rubber

Pleasant for your pet

Available in a mitten form

Ideal to introduce your cat to the brushing routine

If your cat is ticklish it may not like this brush and will try to escape

Not the most effective brush

Moulting comb Prevents hairballs and knots

It reduces the hair on the floor and clothes

It is not useful for already formed knots and can injure your pet if knots are present

Spiked comb Untangles and removes knots May produce static electricity from the bristle material

If the knot is too strong or too tight, this brush will not be able to remove it

Flea comb Mango or comb-shaped

Tips very close together, also making it useful to remove dirt and dandruff along with fleas

Has a very specific use

Slicker brush A brush ideal for cats with long or medium length hair

It divides the tangles or knots in smaller pieces as well as extracts dead skin generated by these

Be careful not to damage your cat’s skin, especially if it moves a lot during the grooming process

It can cause a lot of pulling, especially on thicker knots

What if I don’t use a cat brush?

There are some cat owners who don’t have a cat brush in their homes and do not regularly groom their cat. There are many consequences of not using a good comb or brush on your pet and all the consequences are negative. Not only because your cat may ingest and choke on hairballs, but also because they may have existing moulting issues that you are not helping with. Here’s a list of some additional consequences of not using a cat brush:

  • Your house will become dirtier. Cats can’t help shedding their hair, it’s part of their nature and natural processes. Instead of blaming your cat, you could help their hygiene process with a good daily brush, or every second day.
  • You will not notice any parasites or infections on your cat’s skin.
  • Your cat will have knots all over their hair (if your pet has long hair). This will eventually require them to be shaved, which may result in skin problems.
  • Your cat may become irritated if it cannot clean itself properly.
  • You’ll be missing out on important bonding moments with your pet. Brushing your cat is more than removing dead hair as it is also a great opportunity to bond with your cat.
  • Your cat will have an increased body temperature, as excess hair will be retained in their coat.
  • Your pet will be less likely to maintain good overall health, as the comb stimulates circulation and gently massages your pet’s skin.

Why do I need a short-haired cat brush?

If you are like most cat owners, you may think that a short-haired feline does not need a daily brushing. This is a typical error that can bring many hygiene problems, both for your cat and your home. Is your house full of hair? Are your clothes or furniture completely covered in lint? It is high likely that your cat is lacking a daily brush.

Earlier in this article we described the important reasons for grooming your pet on a daily basis, as well as the possible consequences of not doing so. It doesn’t matter if your cat only has a short haired coat, because if they have hair, all the risks are still present: hairballs, dirt, allergies or a possible parasite infestation. So whatever the hair length of your cat, you need a cat brush to keep your cat clean and healthy.

pet care and grooming tools with brushes on wooden background top view space for text

There are tools to remove excess hair, others to remove knots and some tailored to the grooming of the coat. (Source: Oksana Mirinova: 85281276/

Should I buy a cat brush or should I take them to the cat groomer?

We understand that there are many cat owners who do not have the time or money to constantly take their feline to a hairdresser, but we are sure that you can find 5 to 10 minutes a day to brush your cat. If you neglect, ignore or forget to brush your cat’s coat, this will cause displeasure for your cat.

Regarding the question about a cat groomer, the answer is not always black or white. For example, if your cat has long hair that is full of knots, you should take him to the groomer to be trimmed or shaved, so you can then brush him daily and his hair will grow normally without knots. By having a cat groomer look after your cat, you can be confident that a trained professional will be be managing their coat to ensure it is well maintained.

Cat sleeping

Cats are animals of habit.
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Is it better to buy a cat brush or bathe my cat?

Cats are not animals that are used to bathing with water and shampoo. They like to wash themselves by wiping their tongue all over their body to rid themselves of dirt or excess hair. By cleaning themselves, they keep their coat well groomed and bad smells away. This is why 98% of the time it is recommended to have a cat brush handy to help your pet with their hygiene rather than washing it.

There are certain times when it is appropriate to bathe your cat, such as in instances when your cat’s coat is stained (with oil or some liquid with toxic substances). If a bath is required, remember that it is not a dog, and your cat will react very differently to water and shampoo. Here are a few tips for washing your cat:

  • Take a dry towel or non-slip mat and place it on the floor.
  • Fill the tub with warm water. Don’t put too much water because your cat may get scared with the depth. We want it to calm down, not feel more nervous.
  • Take special care of the eyes and ears, gently wet the body.
  • Apply a special shampoo for cats. If possible, try to use an odourless shampoo. Of course, it is completely forbidden to use a human shampoo, because they contain different pH levels in the composition of the product.
  • Once the shampoo has been applied, rinse the coat (see the product instructions, particularly if it is a shampoo for managing fleas and other parasites, as you may be required to leave the shampoo on for a few minutes).
  • Keep in mind that as soon as you let your cat go, it will try to dry itself as best as possible, shaking all the water off. You can anticipate this by taking your cat to a warm room and drying it yourself with a towel. They often get nervous from the noise of a hair dryer, so we only recommend using one of these on those animals that are used to it.

Shopping Criteria

The moment of truth arrives: the time to buy the brush for your pet. After reviewing the shopping guide, you finally decide to buy one, but now comes another question: which is the most suitable brush for my cat? Below we list the shopping criteria to review before buying a cat brush.


First of all, you must ask yourself exactly what you are going to use this brush for as the brush you choose won’t cater for every situation. There are brushes to remove excess hair, others to remove knots and some tailored to the maintenance of the coat. It may be beneficial for you to look again at the table we wrote in the previous section which details the different brushes available depending on the use.

The intended use of the comb will also reflect in the the price of the brush as certain types of brushes are much more expensive than others. You should remember to gradually accustom your cat to their new brush, because as you know, cats are animals that don’t like change, so a new routine may be difficult at first.

Did you know that cats give off pheromones through their noses? That’s why they rub so much with you or with furniture and the floor. These hormones give them security and act as a way of marking their territory.

Type of cat

Another important aspect to consider when buying a cat brush is to be clear on the characteristics of your pet. As we read earlier in the article, when brushing long hair you should choose a stainless steel brush so that the blade penetrates well into all layers of the hair and reach where a mitten, for example, does not.

If you have a short-haired feline, you probably don’t want to use a brush that is too firm, as it can damage the skin or cause an injury. With a short coat it is advisable to use a brush with a massage function such as a mitten. By doing this, you will be able to quickly remove all the dead hair that could fall to the ground.

Combing a cat

Cats prefer to groom themselves by spreading their rough tongue all over their bodies.
(Source: Vladimir Cosic: 75266586/


Rather than simply looking at the price of a cat brush, you should invest some time in choosing the most suitable comb. We’re not saying that you should never buy well known brushes from reputable brands, we just want you to do some research so that you feel confident with the purchase that you make. However don’t worry if you buy a brush with a specific use as it is very common to have more than one brush, as your pet’s needs may change over time.

There are some manufacturers that give you return guarantees in case you buy a brush and you don’t find it useful. This is definitely a factor to take into account and may even be a decisive factor in the purchase decision. The important thing is to ensure the health and hygiene of your pet are well cared for, as well as sticking to your budget.


Stainless steel is not the only material when it comes to a cat brush as there are also silicone combs, that often come in the mitten form and are very good at removing hair and dirt. Other common materials for cat brushes include plastic, especially for pets with short or medium hair and cat brushes that are made from rubber.

When choosing the optimal material for your cat’s brush, the secret lies in gradually introducing the cat to the habit of brushing rather than a specific material, as each material has a different use. However, when choosing a brush, it is important to check that the material is resistant to ensure that the brush will last you a long time. Usually, the handle of the brushes are made of thick plastic, ergonomically designed and with a non-slip surface for an optimal grip.

Did you know that your cat’s way of greeting is by lifting and stretching his tail?

Additional factors

Not all combs and brushes for your cat are the same as some brushes offer extra functions or tools that can be very useful. There are some cat brushes, especially silicone ones, that allow you to remove the remains of hair and dirt with water. Meanwhile there are some brushes that contain features such as a retractable handle or a special hair expulsion function.

When the time comes make a decision you should consider these accessories and whether or not they are valuable to you. You may prefer to buy a cheaper product and spend more time cleaning the comb or perhaps it is better to for you to invest a little more money, with the convenience of a product that requires less maintenance. Remember that over time, any the leftover hair in the brush makes it far less effective.


Everyone loves cats as they are quiet animals (except when they suddenly run through the halls of the house) that have a certain personality about them. If you love your cat, it is very important to take care of them, protect them and give them everything they need. One of the most important needs of a cat is a good daily brushing.

We assume that, at this point of the article and after all the advice we’ve given you, that you’re clear about which brush to buy. Remember that what you read on the Internet should never replace the advice of a veterinarian because they are the experts and only they can make a personalised assessment of your cat.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on cat brushes! If so, don’t forget to comment in the section below and share this article on your social networks. See you soon!

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