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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Caulking guns have become common items in toolboxes. Not only are they ideal for professionals, more and more DIY fans are using them for their projects. Craft enthusiasts also have this tool among their usual implements.

Caulking guns are used to apply silicone precisely. They are often used for sealing work, such as in bathrooms. When the surface is sealed, water does not pass through it. They are also used to seal windows, so that no wind or cold enters. If you want to know more about this useful tool, keep reading this guide!

Key Facts

  • There are two types of caulking guns: heated guns and pressure guns. Pressure guns are used for construction, they use cartridges filled with silicone or acrylic. They are bulkier and are used in plumbing or repair work. Heated guns are smaller and ideal for DIY.
  • Heated caulking guns use silicone or glue sticks. Pay close attention to the needs of your project before choosing. In addition, there are different types of cartridges that are distinguished by colour. Each one is designed to be used on a specific type of material.
  • Heated guns need time to warm up. Remember to turn them on before use. Once hot, avoid touching any of their metal surfaces with your hands or you could get burned.

Our selection: The best caulking guns in the market

Here is a list of the best caulking guns on the Australian market. Each one has its own characteristics, so take a good look so you don’t make a mistake upon buying. We hope that this list of products will help you find the most suitable tool for your needs, all the while keeping your budget in mind.

Berrylion Pressure Caulking Gun

Chinese company Berrylion specialises in providing tools at affordable prices, and this is just what they’ve done with their pressure caulking gun. Its easy-pull trigger design means you don’t have to apply so much pressure to the handle, therefore leading to a longer life of the product. Its quick stop relief system helps avoid unwanted dripping and waste. Made from heavy duty materials, this caulking gun will last you a good while.

Bosch Hot Glue Gun

Germany company Bosch has over 130 years of experience making tools and is a truly reputable brand in the industry. The Bosch PKP 3.6 LI glue gun is an ideal tool for DIY and craft enthusiasts. It is cordless and its automatic glue retraction mechanism is the perfect feature so you don’t spill glue where you shouldn’t. This model also presents an automatic power off feature.

Weighing in at only 255 grams, Bosch’s PKP 3.6 LI glue gun is designed for you not to get tired when using it. It has an operating temperature of up to 170ºC and heats up in only 15 seconds; it is usable with glue sticks of 7 mm in diameter. This gun will allow you to glue wood, leather, ceramics and even glass effortlessly. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Bluemart Mini Hot Glue Gun

This Blusmart mini glue gun is more affordable than the Bosch model above and is tailored for smaller budgets who still need a quality product. Made from plastic and aluminium, this tool presents a 120-centimetre cable so your movements aren’t restricted during use.

According to the manufacturer, the glue gun requires 2 to 5 minutes to heat up, which may be long for some. The power switch is ideally located on the handle and includes a LED light for additional safety. This mini glue gun is provided with 25 sticks of hot melt adhesive so you can get working straight away!

SP Tools Cordless Caulking Gun

SP Tools is an Australian brand that is known worldwide for its high quality tools. Considering its price and features, this cordless caulking gun is definitely tailored for professionals. With a capacity of 400 millilitres, the manufacturer states that this caulking gun works with all standard size cartridges. Its speed function lets you effortlessly control how fast you want to go.

SP Tools’s cordless gun presents a patented dripless mechanism for extra safety and a quick release mechanism so you don’t waste time changing from one cartridge to another. It is battery-powered and includes 2 batteries so you never run out during work. If you are a professional and your budget allows you, this is an incredible tool you will use for years to come.

SJ-303 Hot Glue Gun

This hot glue gun presents 2 interesting features that make it stand out from other models. First of all, its adjustable heating setting means you can choose from 5 different temperatures between 140°C to 220°C to best suit your needs.

The second key characteristic of this model is that it can use all glue sticks sizes up to 11.5 mm. According to the manufacturer it heats up quickly and integrates an anti-overheating fuse to provide extra safety before, during and after use.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about caulking guns

Caulking guns have taken over the market in recent years. Due to the rise of DIY, craftsmanship and craft projects, these tools have become indispensable. You should know what they are and how they work before buying one. Here is what you need to know to make the right purchase.

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Caulking guns are very useful in plumbing. (Source: Amikishiyev: 71201551/

What is a caulking gun exactly?

Caulking guns are very useful tools for joining a multitude of objects and materials. They are also used to join and seal the joints of materials such as ceramics, stone or marble. In construction, they are used for plumbing work and repairs as well as for sealing windows once they are in place.

The guns exert pressure on a silicon or acrylic cartridge by means of a trigger. This pushes the material up and it emerges through a nozzle. The user directs the material, using the nozzle precisely. Some models heat the silicone or glue that comes in the form of a stick.

What are the main uses for caulking guns?

The main use for caulking guns is construction. They are commonly used to seal the joints of bathtubs, washbasins and bathroom parts. This is how we prevent water from escaping or seeping through them. They are also used to fill joints between veneer and wall tiles.

Lately, caulking guns have been used for DIY and craft projects. With the rise of handicrafts and do-it-yourself projects, caulking guns have become essential tools.

They are very useful because they allow you to work with precision on many materials.

What types of caulking guns are available out there?

There are two essential types of caulking guns: heated and pressure guns. Pressure guns have always been used for construction and plumbing. They are metal frames in which a silicone or acrylic cartridge is inserted. By means of a trigger, the material passes through the nozzle and is extracted.

Also called glue guns, heated guns are those used in handicrafts and DIY. They are smaller and work by means of a small resistance that heats the silicone. The silicone used by these guns comes in cylindrical sticks, which when heated are pushed by a trigger and pass through the nozzle. They are lightweight and very precise.

Pressure caulking guns Heated caulking guns
Operation They work with silicone or acrylic cartridges. They have a trigger that pulls a hammer. They work with cylindrical sticks of silicone or glue. They have a resistance that warms the silicone.
Weight They are heavier, as they are made of metal. They are usually very light and made of plastic, with some electronic elements.
Size They are bigger. This is due to the larger size of the cartridges. They are much smaller and lighter. They are the size of a hand.
Price They are very economic, with prices usually around 10 to 15 dollars. They are affordable. However, you can find more expensive models.
Purposes Filling and sealing joints. Glueing construction materials: ceramics, wood and stone. DIY projects, handicrafts, jewellery. Glueing materials such as leather, plastic or cardboard.

Why is it recommended to buy a caulking gun?

Caulking guns are economical and functional tools. They are suitable for small household repairs, but also for professional work. You will have to choose a specific model depending on your use of it. They are ideal for do-it-yourself, handicrafts and crafts. Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages:

  • Versatile
  • Ideal for professional jobs
  • Home repairs and DIY
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Very particular use
  • Can be dangerous
  • Can easily get dirty

How hot can a caulking gun get?

The temperature reached by the gun will be directly linked to the type of silicone or glue used. Low-temperature rods heat up to 120°C. These are suitable for handicrafts with fabric, wood or plastics. These guns are usually cheaper to buy and are lightweight and convenient to use.

Guns that use high-temperature silicone rods heat up to 195ºC. These guns have a more professional use. High-temperature silicone is thermosealant and has a higher degree of adhesion. This type of silicone is used in professional sealing jobs and with materials such as ceramics or metal.

glue gun and two pins on red

There are two types of caulking guns; the smaller ones are ideal for crafts.(Source: Soldanov: 11176745/

How do I use my caulking gun?

Caulking guns are easy tools to use. Simply place the silicone cylinder or stick and squeeze the trigger. In the case of heated guns, you will have to let them warm up, while pressure guns work without waiting. Here is how to use them:

  • First, place the silicone stick or cartridge in the gun. In the case of heated guns, you will place the stick through the hole in the back. For pressure guns, you will place the cartridge in its correct position.
  • The gun must be connected to the power supply in order to heat up. You will have to wait for it to warm up before you start working with it. Some guns heat up quickly.
  • In the case of pressure guns, simply place the silicone cartridge in place and squeeze the trigger.
  • With hot silicone, once it has warmed up, all you have to do is squeeze the trigger and direct the tip towards the place where you want to pour it. To avoid the presence of trickles, press gently and move the tip to one side.
  • Place the other element quickly to prevent the silicone from drying. Press for a few seconds and that’s it!

What measures should be taken to avoid accidents when using a caulking gun?

Caulking guns are simple tools to use. As a general rule, you should not have any problems with them. However, accidents can happen and with hot silicone could result in you being burned. As always, certain safety criteria should be observed. Here are some of them:

  • You should avoid touching metal surfaces when the gun is hot.
  • Never leave the gun horizontally. Silicone can spill over and dry out.
  • If the gun does not have an automatic power off feature, you must be careful not to overheat it. Doing so could cause a short circuit.
  • The metal tip of the pistol must not be placed on inflammable materials.
  • You must be careful with silicone trickles and silicone, as you could get burned.

caulking gun

Caulking guns are very versatile and serve to seal holes. (Source: Somchit: 94958644/

What can I glue with silicone?

Silicone sticks are composed of different types of adhesives. Usually white, silicone in cartridge is used to seal joints and fill gaps between tiles. The others can be used to glue cardboard, fabric, leather, ceramics, plastic, wood, and so on. As you can see, it is a very versatile product.

Shopping Criteria

We will now discuss a number of factors to consider before purchasing a caulking gun. If you understand those important criteria, it will be easier for you to make the right purchase. You naturally don’t want to regret your choice within the next few months. If you want to choose the best caulking gun on the market, follow these criteria:

Cable or battery

Cable guns are much cheaper than battery guns. At the end of the day, your use will condition your choice. If you plan to use it little or you only need to use it for simple projects, we recommended you a gun with cable. They are more economical, functional and, in any case, you will obtain very good results with them.

If you want more freedom and don’t mind investing a little more, then opt for a model with battery. It is true that the price will be slightly higher than cable models, but paying for the difference can sometimes be worth it. This type of gun is a good choice for professional or craft work.


You can choose to buy a gun from a well-known brand or an unbranded model. Unfortunately, the quality and strength of the tool is often directly linked to the brand, as well as its price. Our recommendation is that you opt for a gun from a reliable brand whenever possible, as these tend to perform better on the long run.

Reputable brands offer high quality tools, tested by professionals. These brands use the best materials, working with sizes and weights adjusted to specific tasks. Cheaper guns are usually made of weaker materials, so they break more easily and can cause accidents.


The design is an important factor to consider. In the images, you might imagine that all guns are the same. The truth is that there are many more differences than you think. You should always choose a model that is comfortable to use and hold.

You should also make sure that inserting the silicone stick is simple and comfortable.


An important factor when choosing a caulking gun are the opinions left by other customers. When shopping on the Internet, it is best to look at these reviews and the ratings of other buyers. With these, you will be able to see how many customers have bought this product and what they think of it.

Thanks to the comments, you can better see the advantages and disadvantages of each model of caulking gun. In addition, you will be able to see important aspects that you may not have considered before. We are not only referring to personal opinions, which may not be objective. We are also talking about certain technical data, facts and some settings.


These guns usually operate at very high temperatures. To avoid burns, you should make sure that only the tip gets hot, while the rest of the gun remains cold. This way, you can work without fear of getting burned. It is also important that it warms up in a short time, if possible in less than 5 minutes.

Personal use

Pressure caulking guns are used in repair or construction work. The cartridges used are filled with white silicone and other types of acrylics. These guns are larger and less accurate. They are ideal for construction and plumbing, where they are used to seal and join parts.

Heated caulking guns are used in DIY, jewellery and craft projects. They are smaller and much more precise, allowing you to work on small materials. They are also ideal for making drawings or patterns with silicone or glue. These guns use glue or silicone sticks.

Power button

Another aspect you should consider before buying is that it has a power button. This will give you extra security. Many guns get hot when plugged in, which can be a danger. The buttons have LED lights signalling the power. If you can, choose a model that turns off when it gets too hot.


Caulking guns are ideal tools for all types of crafts and home repairs. They can be used to glue a large number of different materials such as wood, plastic or ceramics. They are also great for do-it-yourself and home improvement projects, small craft projects and jewellery.

On the other hand, make sure to consider the criteria mentioned in the last section of our article if you intend to buy a caulking gun. Materials, weight, trigger or brand are key, but so are safety and the use you will make of it. Take a good look at all these factors before you choose!

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