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Cooking every day is a challenge for many people. Lack of time, imagination or cooking skills can truly make this task a laborious one. In reality, there is a number of different alternatives that can help precisely those of us who do not have the time, the cooking knowledge or who simply don’t know what to cook. A deep fryer is one of those wonderful options.

Present in many homes, this small appliance can be used to fry different foods in a simple and efficient way. The market offers a wide range of models, and while these have few great differences, it is important for you to know which they are. We’ve designed this shopping guide to introduce you to these differences and help you find the best deep fryer for your home.

Key Facts

  • Deep fryers are small appliances that are used to fry different types of food. The main advantage is that they allow you to fry food evenly and avoid staining as much as when you cook in a frying pan.
  • There is a wide offer of deep fryers on the Australian market. While the majority present similar features, they also do have differences. It is important for you to know the characteristics of the model you want to buy.
  • Remember to make sure that the price of your deep fryer correspond to the features it offers. The reputation of the brand can sometimes be the only factor that raises its price.
  • The size of the deep fryer is another key aspect that you should consider. You don’t want to end up with a model that’s too small for your family and yourself, nor too big. In the latter case, this will lead to an unnecessary energy and oil waste.

Our selecction: The best deep fryers on the Australian market

It is very important for you to know what the best fryers have to offer if you want to be able to pick the model that will best suit your needs. This is why we have decided to create our selection of the very best deep fryers available right now on the Australian market. These different options offer great quality and value for money, as well as interesting features that may be useful to you.

TODO XJ-2K960S Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

This little wonder of a deep fryer by TODO will be the ideal addition to smaller homes, and students or couples will make the most of it. It is Amazon’s Choice in the category, and it’s not hard to understand why when you consider what it features for its price. This deep fryer truly offers incredible value for money and is very budget- friendly.

It has a small capacity of 0.9 litre, and a maximum power of 840 watts – plenty enough considering its size. The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature, which ranges from 80 to 190 degrees. It comes with an easy-to-use stainless steel frying basket. The front of the deep fryer also indicates the length and temperature needed for cooking different foods.

Breville BDF500BSS Smart Deep Fryer

Founded in Sydney in 1932, Breville is an Australian manufacturer of household appliances. Their decades of experience are a testimony to the quality of their products, and this smart deep fryer is no different. It features an oil capacity of 4 litres and can hold up to 1.2 kilos of food, making it ideal for families of up to eight people.

Its great power – 2,200 watts – will allow you to cook meals in a jiffy, and it has a number of pre-settings for the most common foods. The LCD display lets you quickly select between modes and adjust the temperature. This fryer also presents a cool zone technology that collect food leftovers, keeping your oil clean for longer. Past users have praised its of use and cleaning.

AUCMA Automatic Air Fryer

This automatic model by AUCMA stands out a little in our selection, as it is the only air fryer. This means that it allows for oil-free cooking. According to the manufacturer, the food cooked has 80% less fat than with traditional deep fryers. This model has a large capacity of 4.2 litres and a maximum power of 1,350 watts for efficient cooking.

This air fryer is easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts. It has 8 preset modes to cook your favourite dishes and the timer goes up to 60 minutes. User reviews say that this product is extremely easy to use and offers great bang for your buck. It comes with a little cookbook to get cracking right away. This product comes with a two-year warranty.

Cuisinart DF-250A Deep Fryer

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand founded in the early 1970s, and their products are used by professionals as well as home chefs. This powerful 2,400-watt deep fryer has an oil capacity of 4 litres and mechanical timer that you can set up to 30 minutes.

This product is easy to clean and presents several dishwasher-safe parts. The frying basket is made from durable heavy mesh with a handle that remains cool in all conditions so you don’t burn yourself while cooking. Past buyers have praised the capacity of this deep fryer to cope with large quantities.

DeLonghi FS6055 Traditional Deep Fryer

Here comes the last product on our list, and it’s a traditional deep fryer by Italian brand DeLonghi. This century-old company is a world leader in the small appliance industry, and their products are recognised for their quality the world over. This deep fryer can cook up to 1.5 kilo of food with an oil capacity of 2.4 litres, and a maximum temperature of 190 degrees.

This product features an anti-odour filter to prevent your home from smelling of fried food every time you cook. The patented cleaning technology allows you to easily discard used oil. Cool-touch walls protect you from burns, and you can quickly see how your food is cooking through the glass window. The lid can be removed and washed to keep your deep fryer squeaky clean.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about deep fryers

In the previous section, you discovered some of the best deep fryers out there, as well as their most appealing features. This will help you have all the information you need to find the models that most stand out to you when the time comes to make your purchase. But before you do, there are other key aspects that you need to be aware of, and we’ve detailed them in the following paragraphs.

housewife buying fryer

You can find oil-free fryers that not only fry, but also roast, bake, or simply keep your food warm. (Source: Iakov Filimonov: 116392004/

What is a deep fryer exactly and how does it work?

As you already know, this small appliance is designed to easily fry a variety of foods. Using it is very straightforward: all you have to do is fill the container with oil, plug it in a power outlet and adjust the temperature.

The resistor inside the fryer heats the oil, allowing to fry food.

Is it better to use a deep fryer or a frying pan?

This is one of the main questions asked by people when it comes to frying food: frying pan or deep fryer? Many seem to think that a frying pan makes your job easier, but the reality is otherwise. This is due to the fact that pans make more dirt, present a higher risk of burns and offer a less homogeneous result. That being said, the food is generally a little less greasy.

Is it better to fry with or without oil?

You might ask yourself the question after having discovered our selection of the best deep fryers on the market. As you know by now, you can buy a model that uses oil or not. The use of oil fryers is very simple: simply put oil in its container and let it heat to fry food. You can naturally regulate the temperature.

On the other hand, fryers that do not use oil can fry, but also roast, bake or keep your food warm. This is done via hot air circulation in the pot. We’ve prepared a small table below so that you can learn more about the advantages of both types of fryers:

Advantages of oil fryers Advantages of air fryers
They cook faster. Foods are fried better. The food is crunchy. They are more affordable. You don’t have to spend money on oil. They are healthier. They don’t emit odours. They are easier to clean.

How should I take care of the oil in my fryer?

One of the key elements to get the most out of your fryer is the oil you use. This is naturally the most important ingredient. For this reason, we’ve listed some important tips for you to keep in mind. If you put them into practice, you’l be able to get great results with your new deep fryer.

  • Temperature: It is recommended not to exceed 170 or 180 degrees. Remember that oil can produce different substances harmful to your health if is it heated too much. You’ll know that your oil is burning if it smokes.
  • Food: Make sure to fry dry food. Note that frozen food will lower the oil’s temperature, in which case you may have to temporarily raise it.
  • Oils: Sunflower oil is the most commonly used with deep fryers, although you can also use olive or seed oil. Never mix different types of oil, nor new and used oils.
  • Batter: If you make your own batter, add a spoonful of water or milk to the egg. This will help the food absorb less oil, while giving it a crunchier texture.
  • Changing the oil: You should change the oil of you deep fryer when it thickens, foams, smells bad or darkens.
  • Recycling the oil: Oil is very polluting, so avoid simply throwing it down the sink. The best thing you can do is taking it to a collection point. Another option is to put it in a bottle and throw it in the trash. While this isn’t the best way to discard your used oil, it is less harmful than throwing it down the drain.
Dieticians Association of Australia
“Extra virgin olive oil is natural and not refined or extracted using chemicals or heat, leaving it high in natural antioxidants and healthy fats which are beneficial for health.”

What is the best frying temperature?

Another aspect that you’ll need to consider when it comes to cooking in a deep fryer is the temperature of the oil. Certain models will have preset cooking functions, meaning that it will automatically recommend a temperature based on the type of food you want to fry. Other models will simply have a temperature selector for you to choose from.

It is almost always recommended to choose a lower temperature – 160 degrees – over higher temperatures – 180 degrees. Your food will naturally take slightly longer to be ready, but the oil will spoil less you’ll be able to use it for longer. That being said, you should know that foods that are fried slowly will have a little more fat.

Air fryer machine

The temperature you choose to cook your food is very important. (Source: Wilawan Khasawong: 107041834/

What are interesting features of deep fryers?

There are a number of fryer characteristics that might come in handy to you. It is important for you to know what these are if you want to make the right purchasing decision. We’ve listed three interesting features and their uses below for you to be aware of them when the time comes to buy your own deep fryer.

  • Cold zone: This isn’t something you’ll particularly need to pay attention to when purchasing your fryer, as the vast majority now feature one. However, it is interesting for you to know what its function is. This dedicated space is used to collect food scraps. It prevents flavours from mixing, and your appliance won’t give off different smells.
  • Self-cleaning system: Certain models also have a self-cleaning mode. You’ll still have to clean the pot by hand, unless it is dishwasher-safe.
  • Anti-odour filter: Some deep fryers feature anti-odour filters. Do note that some smell will still emanate from your appliance.
Yuki OkaBiology Professor at the California Institute of Technology
“The desire to eat salt is the body’s way of telling you that your body is low on sodium. Once sodium is consumed, it takes some time for the body to fully absorb it. So, it’s interesting that just the taste of sodium is sufficient to quiet down the activity of the salt-appetite neurons, which means that sensory systems like taste are much more important in regulating the body’s functions than simply conveying external information to the brain.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of deep fryers?

Having this small household appliance at home naturally offers many benefits. You’ll have to take several factors into account if you want to pick the right model for you. We have already introduced you to some of them, and you’ll discover more in the last section of our article; But first, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of deep fryers:

  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Time-saving appliances
  • Safer than frying pans
  • You have to learn to use the appliance well
  • They are more expensive than frying pans

Shopping Criteria

Our shopping guide is coming to a conclusion, but we can’t end it without analysing a few other key aspects. It is essential that you do not neglect these shopping criteria if you want to make the right choice. Here are the different points we’ll look at in the last section of our article:


The size of the deep fryer you want to buy is something to keep in mind and will be determined by how many people you plan on cooking for. Picking the right size means that you won’t waste time cooking, while saving on oil and energy. The following table will help you choose the right deep fryer:

Size Capacity
Small Its capacity is a little over one litre and is ideal for up to four people.
Medium Its container can hold between 1.5 and 2.3 litres, allowing you to cook for four to six people.
Large It offers the largest capacity – between 3 and 4 litres – and is perfect for families with up to eight members.

Make sure you carefully assess this aspect when buying your own deep fryer, and take into account your family members and potential guests you’ll want to cook for. What you plan on cooking and how often should also influence the capacity of the product you buy.


You need to clean the outside of your deep fryer every single time you use it. All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth dampened with water and some soap a first time, and once again only with water. Dry it thoroughly. The inside of your fryer should be cleaned every time you change the oil. Opting for a model that can be dismantled and with parts that can be washed in the dishwasher will make this process all that much easier.

Spicy potato chips or wedges in a deep fryer

It is almost always recommended to choose a lower temperature – 160 degrees – over higher temperatures – 180 degrees. (Source: Andreadonetti: 97315207/


Try to buy a deep fryer that features a glass lid through which you can see inside. This will prevent you from having to open and close the appliance to see how your frying is going. Remember that the fryer will lose temperature every time you lift the lid. A glass lid will avoid that your food takes too long to cook, while making sure the cooking is just right.


It is essential that you evaluate the power of your deep fryer and opt for a model that offers between 1,500 and 2,000 watts. The size of your appliance will naturally influence the power you: a model with greater capacity will require more power to fry your food correctly. If you don’t choose the right power, your fryer will take longer to prepare food, and the latter may turn out more cooked than fried.


All fryers need a filter to keep the oil cleaner for longer. Certain models also feature another very useful option: anti-odour filter. We’re sure you know just how annoying it can be when your entire home smells of fried food every time you use your deep fryer. Anti-odour filters prevent this from happening and are therefore very popular features.

Other features

There are other characteristics that you may want to pay attention to. Your deep fryer, should, for instance, you come with a timer and thermostat to regulate both time and temperature. The cool wall feature is also very useful as it is designed to prevent burns when touching the outside. Certain models also feature a removable container where the leftovers are collected and can then be easily discarded.


Easy to use and maintain, a deep fryer is a great product to quickly fry different foods. The market now offers a wide range of models, some of which are very affordable. Assessing the overall value for money of the appliance is key to making a successful purchase. There are many additional features available, so make the most of it while staying without your budget.

You’ve discovered the many aspects that you need to take into account when buying your own deep fryer. Make sure the model you opt for offers a capacity that is suitable for your family, while easy-to-clean products will make your life much easier. If you can, try to purchase a fryer with an anti-odour filter, a thermostat, a timer or a cool wall technology. In the end, the most important is that the model you choose satisfies your needs.

We hope that you found our shopping guide on deep fryer interesting and useful. If that’s the case, feel free to share it on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below with any question or suggestion you may have!

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