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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Dogs are an essential part of the family home and a big part of our happiness. Our beloved pets deserve a good place to rest, after spending the day playing, walking and giving their owners love.

For your dog to be able to get a good night’s sleep in their own space, a dog bed is the way to go. Just like us, they look for a comfortable, quality mattress, and we should also take care to keep in mind the different features of dog beds to ensure our pets’ comfort and well being.

Key Facts

  • Think about your dog’s characteristics and the way they like to sleep before choosing a bed for them.
  • You can have your dog sleep with you if you like, but keep in mind that this is a decision you must keep for life, since they will be very confused if you change your mind.
  • It is better to let your dog sleep inside the house, as they may be cold in the backyard, as well as feeling isolated from their adopted family. If they are unhappy they’ll also bark and annoy your neighbours.

Our selection: The best dog beds on the Australian market

Here you’ll find a ranking of the five most popular dog beds on the market at the moment. We’ve also given a detailed summary of each product’s characteristics. This means you can buy a bed which best suits the needs of your pet.

Zodoe Orthopedic Dog Bed

This orthopaedic dog bed is perfect for older dogs or those with arthritis or other bone problems. It has a padded rim cushion for extra comfort and head support. It also has a non-slip bottom to keep the dog bed nicely in place.

It is designed for small to medium dogs, or could equally suit multiple smaller dogs. It is made from top quality materials including orthopaedic padding and Sponds mats, as well as an ultra soft polyester cover with a luxurious quilted design.

FurHaven Orthopaedic Pet Dog Bed

The Furhaven Sofa Pet Bed features a three-bolster design that allows your pup to sleep in a variety of positions. There’s also plenty of headrest space as well as cozy corners for nestlers to burrow into. The top of the cushion base is lined with silky soft faux fur.

The egg-crate orthopedic foam base helps to evenly distribute body weight to soothe pressure points, while the fluffy railings provide aid and support for aching joints. The bed is also made accessible for elderly and disabled pets.

Friends Forever Orthopaedic Lounge Sofa Dog Bed

Your dog will get a solid night’s sleep in this luxurious bed. The cushioned plush poly-fill bolster provides your dog exceptional comfort, even for dogs with joint pain or arthritis.

It has a water-resistant liner and human-grade mattress foam, this orthopaedic bed has been put to the test proven to be durable and long lasting. It is a large sized bed which is suitable for one medium or large dog, or two smaller pets.

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler

Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality Donut Cuddler puppy bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up! The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. It comes in a range of natural colours.

Cosy, flexible and finished with faux shag fur, this self-warming luxury dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat! Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow, animals will have full, restful sleep for improved behaviour and better health.

Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed

For a different and very cosy design, take a look at this “Cuddle Cave” pet bed. It is made from very soft, plush materials with 100% recyclable poly fill.

The soft materials and cosy cave design is ideal for colder conditions, providing your dog with extra warmth in winter. The product is made with ethical manufacturing processes, safe materials, loose fit and lightweight design.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about dog beds

Good rest is essential for quality of life, and for good rest you need an optimal, comfortable space. Before choosing a dog bed, it is also important to know what you’re looking for. Therefore in this section we will address the most common questions about dog beds:

dog resting on bed at home

Buying a nice bed for your dog is important to make sure they are comfortable at home. (Source: damedeeso: 85567449/

Does the right dog bed depend on your dog?

Absolutely yes. A small pooch is no the same as a big one and, in fact, the former are more suited to any kind of bed than the larger breeds. Bigger dogs need a bed which is suitable for their weight, and so they need a mattress with better-quality padding.

Additionally, if your dog has any kind of medical condition, such as arthritis which is very common among these kinds of pets, they will need a well-padded bed to cushion their joints, such as one made of foam. It is also advisable to check that the dog bed is not made from materials which may cause allergies.

M.K. ClintonAmerican writer
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog”.

Can I place the dog bed in the garden?

Being seen as part of the family, it is no longer common for dogs to sleep in the backyard, as it used to be a few years ago. We now realise that dogs, like us, feel the cold and the heat, and sleeping outside can expose them to unpleasant weather. However, if your pet is an independent animal you could place their bed in their kennel, at least in milder weather.

In any case, many dogs will feel sad if they are not allowed to sleep inside with their family. This distress can cause them to bark at night in protest if they are forced to sleep outside. This, of course, can be very annoying to your neighbours. Thus for their health and their happiness, it is better to have your dog sleep inside.

Sleeping achshund puppy

There are dog beds in different sizes and styles.
(Source: Hannamariah: 26523935/

Can my dog sleep in my bed with me?

This is really up to you. However, it is best to learn about their breed and their personality first, as some are very independent and like their space. They may sleep with you in your bed thinking it will make you happy but in reality they prefer not to. So it is better to make this decision from the beginning.

As we already mentioned, once your dog gets used to sleeping in a certain place, it can be difficult to change that. This means that if you choose to have them sleep in your bed you should be sure that you will be able to stick with this, so as not to confuse them. If you refuse to let them sleep in your bed anymore they will likely take this as a punishment.

Is it a good idea to put my dog’s bed close to my bed?

Keep in mind that a dog may snore loudly, fart a lot, or have a habit of getting up during the night to get some food or drink some water. All of this could negatively impact on your own rest, meaning you don’t want them sleeping in your bed or even in your room.

If you do not want your dog to sleep in your bed, you need to train them and make them understand that they must follow your rules. Don’t let them get on the bed without permission (though they might do it when you’re not there) because this may give them confidence and make them think they are in control, which can influence other power dynamics also.

Unknown Author
“One day I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am”.

Where should I put my dog bed?

Think about the most suitable spots where your pet will be able to sleep comfortably, as well as helping you get a good night’s rest. The kitchen or living room are usually good options, as this is generally where the temperature is maintained at pleasant levels but is apart from the bedrooms.

You can put the dog bed in your own room if your pet does not want to be separated from you at night, but the risk is that they will want to get on your bed. If you don’t want them to do this you will need to be firm and train them to comply with your rules. Because once you let this start, it can be difficult to break the habit.

Woman Tenderly Hugging German Shepherd Dog

To make sure your dog uses their bed, make sure it is a comfortable one they will love. (Source: christingasner: 27625946/

Where should my dog sleep if I have a small home?

Even if you live in a small house or unit it is a good idea to reserve a space for your dog’s bed and toys. As faithful and loyal as your pet is, they also need their own privacy and time to relax without being bothered. You should be able to find space in the corner of a living space or a bedroom.

It is important to know that whatever space you choose in the beginning will probably stay as your pet’s area for years to come, as dogs are creatures of habit. So make sure to choose somewhere comfortable, convenient and where you can tell your dog feels at ease.

What are orthopaedic dog beds?

Special dog beds made of ‘Memory Foam’ should be used for older dogs which have issues with their bones, joints or spine. This type of foam adapts to the shape and posture of the animal. They can also be used for healthy dogs simply because they are very comfortable.

One of the main things to keep in mind when choosing an orthopedic dog bed is the thickness of the mattress. There are a wide variety of these kinds of dog beds available, with viscoelastic mattresses, with an endless number of models, shapes, material and prices.

dog siesta sleep

A comfortable dog bed guarantees a good night’s sleep for your pet.
(Source: Damedeeso: 41699727/

What are the common sleep patterns for dogs?

It is important to observe your dog’s sleeping patterns as this can be an indication of whether they feel happy and secure. Dogs will cuddle in while they sleep to feel safe and keep warm. If you see them having spasms, this means they are dreaming.

If your dog sleeps stretched out, this means they are warm, or that they feel safe and secure. If they fuss a lot at bedtime, or turn over frequently, this could indicate joint pain or difficulty lying down.

If your dog is having a nightmare, talk to them softly or say their name gently.

Is it a problem if my dog sleeps all the time?

Puppies sleep for 90% of the time, although irregularly and at different times of day. As they grow up, dogs can adapt to the habits of their owners and go to bed at the same time as they do. An adult dog should sleep around 14 hours each day, with small naps during the day and 8 or 9 hours at night.

Even adult dogs should keep active. If you find your dog is sleeping more than usual, it may be that they are bored. If you see that they are sleeping excessively long hours and don’t want to move or be active, you should consult with your vet as they may have a health or emotional problem.

Aldous HuxleyBritish writer and philosopher
“To his dog, every man is Napolean, hence the constant popularity of dogs”.

What can I do to make sure my dog uses their bed?

If you have recently brought your dog home you will need to train it to certain behaviours, and there are specific tricks to do this. If you have a small, nervous puppy you can let them sleep with you for the first few days and then gradually transition them to sleeping in their own space.

To encourage your dog to use their own bed, you want to make sure that it is comfortable. You can give them a prize or reward there, so they will have a positive association with the dog bed. You should never drag or force your dog to use it. If they are reluctant to use the bed there may be a good reason, such as it is not in the right spot.

largue dog on a couch

Dogs need somewhere soft to sleep in order to feel safe and warm. (Source: sharpshutter: 30799294/

What do I do if my dog destroys their beds?

Your dog may be determined to destroy every dog bed you buy, whether because they are being playful or are agitated, which can become pricey. Dogs by their nature like to chew on things: it strengthens their jaws and teeth and prevents tartar. Therefore it’s a good idea to give your dog toys that they can chew on and release tension.

Apart from this, if you see your dog chewing on their bed you must train it by saying “no” firmly as soon as they start, and removing the bed. Then return the bed a little later and watch their behaviour. If you see them chew on it again, repeat the training as before. If they don’t chew on the bed, praise and reward them for their good behaviour.

Shopping criteria

When buying a dog bed there are a few things to consider. Here we’ve included the most important factors you should be aware of before buying this product. This will help you to be sure that you are making the best purchase so that your dog can get the rest they need.


In order to get their well-deserved rest after hours of walking or playing, the materials which fill the mattress on your dog’s bed will be key. Sleeping on the floor is not good for getting quality rest, especially if it is cold, so good support is vital for our four-legged friends.

Material Characteristics
Foam Very common because it is durable, cheap and soft. Polyurethane foam is recommended for large dogs, which are heavier.
Cedar shavings Controversial. Many animal-lovers prefer this material as it has a pleasant smell, is natural and repels insects.
Synthetic fleece It’s soft and fluffy, and is the most commonly used stuffing.
Cotton There are two characteristics of this material which make it unsuitable: it tends to become lumpy that makes it uncomfortable, and it picks up bad odours.
Soft foam Soft and fluffy suitable for small dogs. For large dogs, high-density foam is more suitable. For example, polyurethane foam is common for older dogs or those with joint problems.
Viscoelastic mattress Used in orthopaedic beds. Ideal for dogs with bone, joint or spine problems, as they are very comfortable and maintains the animal’s posture.


There are two main factors to keep in mind when choosing what your dog’s bed is made out of: that it is comfortable, and also easy to clean. You should also keep in mind the climate of where you live, since some materials provide warmth and others will refresh in the heat. There are the following options:

  • Waterproof fabrics. Protect the mattress from moisture and odours and are easy to wash. Can be cold.
  • Synthetic leather or canvas. Very easy to clean, but not very comfortable.
  • Wood. Sometimes the mattress may sit on some kind of structure, which may be made of wood. If you are keeping the dog bed in a fixed place, this heavy material is a good option. You should consider the fabric of the mattress separately.
  • Plastic. This material is common for outdoor beds to support mattresses made of waterproof materials. Also good for very hot climates.


The ideal shape of a bed or a mattress for a dog bed depends on how your dog likes to sleep. Your pet’s size is also relevant so that its extremities do not hang over the side of the bed and the animal may be uncomfortable. There are a huge variety of beds in different shapes and sizes. Some of these include:

  • Basic cushions. Mattress or mattress of rectangular shape normally, although they can also be square or round, and available in a great variety of sizes. They can be thinner or thicker. Better for dogs that have mobility problems.
  • Nest. Essentially mattresses with the edges more raised. The dog feels more protected and has the can support the head. They are not recommended in hot weather.
  • Hammocks. Hammocks made from fabric and PVC plastic material, sometimes with holes, are optimal for very hot climates.
  • Igloo. Beds closed up that offer some privacy to the dog. Recommended for cold areas where the dog requires shelter. Normally only for small dogs.
  • Sofa style. As the name suggests, they are shaped like a sofa, which makes them cosy. They give can support the head, but they have an open part, unlike the nest type.
  • Plastic beds. They may seem uncomfortable, but they are ideal for female dogs that are close to giving birth. And also for old dogs or those who are sick.


Climate is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog bed. There are very warm materials, to keep your pet warm and protect them from chilly temperatures, and there are those, on the other hand, which serve to cool in hot climates. Both the material and the shape make the bed suitable to different temperatures.

You also have to keep in mind the location of the bed, and how likely it is to get dirty or wet. If it is going to be an outdoor bed, it is better to be waterproof, and if it is going to be in a part of the house where it is exposed to dust or dirt, better one that can be easily cleaned.

 girl with red puppy

It may seem strange, but climate is one of the most important factors when choosing a dog bed. (Source: Anna Yakimova: 17787490/


It is essential that your dog fits comfortably inside the bed to ensure they have good rest and do not experience aches and pains. Therefore, you should choose the bed based on the length and height of the animal that will use it. Normally, a dog bed will be available in various sizes.

Also, keep in mind that small dogs adapt much more easily to different bed styles and mattress fillings. But, if you have a large dog, as previously mentioned, they will need good support and a quality bed so that the great weight of their body is not a nuisance in their rest.


In the same way that for you it is very important to have a decent bed to sleep after long days of work and leisure, your dog also requires a nice place to rest. This is important because sleeping well brings more quality of life to our great four-legged friends.

Dog beds come in a wide variety of fabrics, sizes and materials to adapt to the needs of each animal. Since sleep is something we do every day to recharge, make sure you have the right bed so that your dog can feel good and have their own little space in which to relax.

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