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Having a furry friend is a wonderful thing, but this also comes with responsibility. The health of our best friend is fundamental for them and for us, that’s why when choosing our pet we have to consider not only the breed, but also its size, its character and, of course, its fur.

When choosing a pet with long fur you’ll need to allow more time to look after it. Sometimes a brush is not sufficient and you need to use specific products to look after your pet’s coat, including the dog comb, an essential tool for a healthy and happy dog.

Key Facts

  • Dog combs are essential accessories for our pet and a common tool used by dog groomers.
  • Using a dog comb is especially important for dogs with long or curly hair which need regular maintenance.
  • There is a wide range of different dog combs available, depending on the breed and coat of your pet.
  • It is necessary to consider various factors when buying a dog comb, including the size of the accessory and how easy it is to use.

The best dog combs on the Australian market

There are many different types of dog combs, some of which are suitable for removing dead hair when your pet is moulting, as well as those designed to get rid of knots or eliminate parasites. The following ranking gives you a selection of the best dog combs, which, as always, offer the best value for money.

Pawaboo Pet Grooming Comb

This stainless steel comb can remove loose hair, shed fur and eliminate tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt from your pet’s coat easily. It is made of high quality chrome-plated stainless steel, this comb is smooth and durable, corrosion resistant and will not fade, good for avoiding static electricity when used.

The comb has two different tooth spacing sizes: the thinner side is ideal to comb knotted fur and other sensitive areas, while the dense side is suitable for comb the soft fur nearby eyes, ears and legs. Please be patient and comb the fur gently. The pin ends are rounded to be entle on the skin.

MiniQ Pet Undercoat Rake Brush

This rake-shaped metal brush has wide-spaced stainless steel blades quickly and easily remove loose and dead hair without pulling. It trims out the undercoat,dead hair,and unravels and de-mats the coat in one easy step.

The comb features full tang construction,which means the blades extend into the handle for durability. It has a contoured wooden handle which gives you a comfortable grip and stops your hand getting tired.

Dematting Comb Grooming Tool Kit

This grooming kit comes with a double sided blade rake comb and grooming brush. Their 2-in-1 design demate tangles, move loose hair, and detangle hair balls, groom your pets with comb perfectly. This makes them ideal for undercoat removal particularly during shedding season.

They can be used on small medium large dogs and cats with any hair lengthespecialize in shedding season for dense undercoats and long fur. Made from TPR material, the stainless steel blades will not rust; ergonomic non-slip comfortable handle prevents grooming fatigue; sturdy and durable construction will last for long time, while the special easy-grip design makes grooming more comfortable.

Evolution Comb with Rotating Teeth

This dog comb from evolution is made from stainless steel and has rotating teeth for superior grooming. These rotating pins gently untangle your dog’s coat. It also has a comfort grip handle for less strain on the hand.

It has both a medium comb with a single row of teeth and a shedding comb with two lengths of teeth. The smooth, rounded stainless steel rotating teeth on these combs easily pull through the dog’s coat without damaging it.

Flexzion Pet Grooming Comb

This comb is made from stainless steel with teeth graduating from wide to narrow spacing, to use for various grooming needs. It comes in two varitations: medium/coarse coat and medium/fine coat. This simple, light weight tool makes grooming easy and fatigue-free.

The stainless steel teeth are also ideal for maintaining a healthu undercoat for your pet. It can be used to remove tangles, matting, loose hair and dirt, leaving your dog’s coat healthy and fluffy.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about dog combs

Dog combs are specific articles for grooming and care of the man’s best friend. These items are categorized on the basis of their specific use, which can range from eliminating parasites to reducing hair loss in dogs during moulting. Below, we have enlisted some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

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You should choose a comb which is adequate to keep your pet clean, and suitable for their type of hair.
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What is a dog comb and what is it used for?

Combs are one of the oldest tools used by humans. In fact, the earliest comb is approximately 10,000 years old and was found during an excavation in northern Europe. Since prehistoric times, the comb, a flat tool with barbs made of different materials, has been used to brush and straighten hair.

Dogs may be the first animals domesticated by man, but their grooming did not become a consolidated practice until the twentieth century with the birth of canine hairdressers. These establishments are dedicated exclusively to the care and grooming of our pets using different devices and utensils, including dog combs.

Did you know that there are approximately 337 dog breeds in the world, according to the International Cynological Federation (FCI)?

What are the advantages of regularly using a dog comb?

A dog comb is an essential accessory for all dog owners and carers. It is particularly important for the grooming of long-haired or curly-haired dogs which often requires regular maintenance. Only short-haired dogs can do without the use of dog combs. There are a number of advantages of using dog combs:

  • Smooth and beautiful fur: Dog combs smooth out dogs’ fur and ensure its beauty, especially after a bath.
  • Remove knots: They unravel the knots from the fur.
  • Hair loss: Frequent brushing minimizes hair loss.
  • Dead hair: Dog combs help to get rid of dead hair during moulting, which helps to keep your house free from pet hair.
  • Deworming: The new types of dog comb on the market are designed to eliminate fleas, ticks and other ectoparasites. Some are also custom-designed to remove fleas and lice with dense barbs to do the job.
  • Lubrication: Through frequent grooming, your pet’s skin remains lubricated as the body’s natural oils are evenly distributed throughout the fur coat.
  • Circulation: Dog combs, like brushes, stimulate blood circulation in your pet.

Shih tzu dog after washing. With curlers, towels and comb. On white background.

The quality of life of your pet is improved by keeping them well-groomed. (Source: Chaossv: 66920465/

When should I use a dog comb when grooming my pet?

Before brushing, you should comb your dogs’ fur using a large comb with spaced teeth. This way, you eliminate problematic knots before proceeding, especially in your daily dog hair care routine. Remember, in winter, grooming your dog daily is even more important because tangled hair can reduce the insulating function of the fur to protect against the cold.

Why is it important to remove knots from my dog’s fur?

It is important to smooth out knots from dog fur, especially for long-haired dogs, to allow their skin to breathe. Poor coat ventilation obstructs the absorption of anti-parasitic medicines, amongst others. Since fleas and ticks are able to penetrate these knots it is essential to brush out the knots.

It is not recommended to use other tools, such as blade, to eliminate knots, because it may hurt the skin, leading to injuries. The ideal tool to be used for this purpose is a dog comb with broad barbs to avoid damage to the skin and effectively brush out the fur of your beloved furry friend.

“They do not know how to speak, but they will know how to accompany your silence”.

Is it true that you don’t need to comb poodles?

No, it is not the case. All dogs require regular grooming to keep them neat and healthy. So, it is highly recommended that you comb your dog’s fur daily to prevent parasite infestation and skin infections that might become difficult to eliminate if your pet’s coat is left unattended.

What types of dog combs are there on the market?

A wide variety of dog combs are available in specialized stores. It is also possible to find them online. However, it is important that you first learn about the specific function of each comb type in order to use it properly. In general, you can find the following types of dog combs enlisted in the table given below:

Type of dog comb What is it used for?
Metal comb This is the most traditional variety of dog combs which is also highly efficient. It has rounded tips and is used to remove dead hair in long-haired dogs. The best metallic combs are made of stainless steel.
Tearduct comb These are a special type of combs that remove legañas (sleep dust or eye mucus) and remains of dirt around the lacrimal glands of dogs with long and dense hair. They are small and the tips are rounded to avoid damage to the sensitive areas.
Cutting comb This comb is used to eliminate knots in dogs with long hair, especially during moulting season. Its blades are turned inwards to avoid hurting the animal. It should not be used every day because it can leave stitches in dogs’ fur. In addition, you must learn to use it properly before you begin using it to groom your pets’ hair.
Anti-flea comb These combs have narrow teeth to remove fleas from dog fur. These are effective tools, but require thorough working and careful use for maximum effectiveness.
Electric comb  Electrical combs can be battery-powered and are used to eliminate knots or remove parasites, such as dog ticks, fleas and other skin parasites.

Which dog comb should I choose to groom my short-haired dog?

Short-haired dogs, such as the Pincher or Chihuahua, do not require the use of dog combs. You can simply brush their fur to collect dead hair and remove parasites. If your pet is short-haired, it is best to opt for using mittens when maintaining their regular hygiene. Using mittens will protect your furry friend’s skin from damage and produce maximum effectiveness.

A veterinarian combs a German shepherd dog with a metal comb.

You shouldn’t let dirt and dead hairs accumulate in your pet’s coat. (Source: DmytroDudchenko: 80946806/

Which dog comb is best for long-haired dogs?

Long-haired dogs require more care in regard to their grooming and maintenance. To start off,  first lightly brush the fur coat. Then, proceed with further hairstyling using a comb with wide teeth. In this way, you untangle any possible knots. Perform this operation daily, if possible.

Try to be careful during the process to avoid pulling at any hair or damaging your pet’s skin. If you comb your pets’ hair every day, you will likely have no problems, even during the moulting season.

Aldous HuxleyBritish writer and philospher
“To his dog, every man is Napoleon, hence the constant popularity of dogs”.

How often should I use a dog comb?

For short-haired dogs, it is advised that you use mittens once a week, at least, except in spring and autumn, when you should use it twice a week. For long-haired dogs, it is recommended that you comb their hair daily to avoid the development of troublesome knots. Your dog will thank you for the comfort of having great dog hair!

What  budget should I have in mind for buying a dog comb?

Dog combs are not expensive, as you can see from the selection list we have offered in this guide. It is possible to buy a metal comb for approximately € 5, though you are recommended to choose a high-quality stainless steel variety.
The most expensive dog comb, which is used to get rid of parasites or remove tough knots, such as the famous Furminator, can cost about $30.

What exactly is a Furminator and for what is it known?

Furminator is a wondrous pet hair grooming tool created by Angie Porter. It is aimed to reduce hair loss in pets. With a stainless steel blade for removing dead hair, the comb is offered in different models and sizes. Its price can reach to € 30 for long-haired dogs, but it can also come in more affordable varieties.

It’s recommended to use for medium and long-haired dogs, and it should be used especially in spring and autumn season when hair fall is at its peak. This wonder haircare tool has been a great success in the market for pet products for its ease-of-use and effectiveness. The Furminator has been created using high-quality materials.

Canine hairdresser in a beauty clinic with Chow Chow

Dogs with long hair need more care and maintanence for their coat. (Source: Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz: 43714977/

Shopping criteria

It is necessary that you take note of a few things before buying a dog comb. The choice of this necessary pet hair care accessory is subject to several factors, as you can see from the following list:

  • Breed and type of coat
  • Size of accessory
  • Function
  • Durability of materials
  • Ergonomics
  • User ratings

Breed and hair type

Make sure that the type of comb you buy for your dog is appropriate for the breed and type of you pet’s fur coat. For instance, you cannot but the same dog comb for a Chow Chow, a German Shepherd and a Malamute. If your dog is long-haired, choose a dog comb type accordingly and consult a canine hairdresser or veterinarian, if necessary, before making your decision.

Size of accessory

Picking a comb size also depends on the breed and fur coat of your pet. Generally, the size range is S (small), M (medium) and L (large). Do not overlook this detail to avoid having to buy more combs in the future.


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A dog comb for eliminating knots would not be the same type used for getting rid of parasites. Each comb is designed for a particular function. Analyze the purpose you are going to be using the comb for and then decided upon buying the right comb for your faithful friend.

Durability of materials

The durability of the dog comb is also an important factor to consider. Basically, you should choose a durable material, and it is always better if you buy one from a recognized brand. You can buy a comb in a supermarket or in Chinese stores, but these types may not have come with a guarantee. So, always opt for buying dog combs made using high- quality materials so that it lasts you for many years.


Ergonomics is a fancy term that refers to the comfort provided by a product based on its design. Opt for combs with a handle, if possible, so that it is comfortable for you to handle during a grooming session. Also, check to see if your pet is allergic to any materials used and if it is easy for you to handle.

User ratings

This guide will help you in buying the right dog comb to grant good hair days to your little furry friend. In addition, it is advised that you check out user rating before making your final decision. Screening through 4 and 5-star scores and reviewing users’ comments will help you develop a better understanding of the product. You can also find comments that detail the technical specifications of products, which may be useful for you before you make the final purchase.


Dog combs are essential haircare accessories for dogs, especially for dogs with long or medium-length hair. Pet haircare requires daily combing to untangle knots and prevent hair problems. Combs smooth out knots, stimulate circulation and remove traces of dirt and parasites from the fur of your furry friends.

Also, daily grooming is an integral part of maintaining your animal friends’ best health. Dog combs can be used after brushing, as effective tools to remove dead hair, and are recommended for daily use, especially in spring and autumn, the moulting season.

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