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Meal times can be a real challenge in many homes. Many people have little time to cook, and dinner time become monotonous and repetitive.  You may want to prepare something different but can’t find the time to do so. To break free of the same boring meals there are a few things you can do, such as get an electric grill.

This appliance gives you the opportunity to try another way of cooking which is quick, easy and clean. If you feel like you need to invest too much time if you want to prepare something different, you will love this alternative. To help you find the best electric grill for you, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide.

Key Facts

  • With an electric grill you can easily cook meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. They also usually have a fat collection tray to make cleaning easy.
  • They help to enhance the flavour of the food. You need to add very minimal seasonings, oil, salt or herbs.
  • They let you quickly and easily prepare food for you and your family, and equally for guests. Electric grills are very useful for people who don’t have much experience with cooking. You’ll enjoy healthy, tasty food.

Our recommendation: The best electric grills on the Australian market

Before buying any product you need to know which are the best options on the market. Knowing their different features will help you decide which is the right one for you. We’ve compiled a list of the five best electric grills on the market, and their key features, to help you make the right decision.

TEFAL OptiGrill+

Although not the most compact or sleek electric grill, the Tefal Optigrill+ is packed with features. It has temperature control with four different temperature settings, making it perfect for grilling for any results from extra rare to well done on its extra large 600 cm squared cooking surface. It uses automatic sensor cooking, meaning that it adapts the temperature and cooking cycle to the amount and thickness of the food you put on the grill.

The grill comes with an LED cooking level indicator, meaning you don’t have to open the grill in order to know when it has finished cooking. It also comes with six specific programmes to make optimal cooking super simple: burger, chicken, bacon, sausage, red meat and fish.

George Foreman Electric Grill

The George Foreman Grill has been extremely popular for years now. It was one of the original electric grills designed for those on a diet or wanting to eat healthier. Its slanted design means the fat from the food drains away while cooking, and is caught in the drip tray, which can be easily cleaned by throwing it into the washing up or the dishwasher.

This is the classic model George Foreman grill, with a cooking surface size of 510 cm squared, which can cook up to 5 servings. The cooking plates are cooked with PFOA-free non-stick coating, meaning cleaning is as easy as wiping down the plates after cooking. It also has a floating hinge design to allow you to cook food of various thicknesses.

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler

This lightweight grill is designed primarily as a sandwich maker and panini press. It was two non-stick cooking plates which are a decent 28 by 18 cm. These non-removable cooking plates are coated in non-stick material, making them easy to clean as well as easy to keep clean.

The grill comes with helpful indicator lights, so you know when it is pre-heat and ready to cook, as well as when your sandwich has finished cooking, without needing to open the grill. It also has a floating hinge meaning it can grill sandwiches and foods of different thicknesses.

Sunbeam Sandwich Compact Grill

Another grill which is geared towards grilling sandwiches and smaller meals is this compact Sunbeam Compact Cafe Grill. With a stainless steel exterior, the cooking plates are coated with Durable EasyClean coating meaning you can cook with minimal or no oil, and making them easy to clean.

With a ribbed top cooking plate and a flat bottom plate, you can use the grill to cook sandwiches, meat and other times. Food is cooked on both sides at the same time, meaning it is ready in half the time. The grill is also designed to maintain even pressure on your food for even cooking and toasting.

Shopping Guide: What you need to know about electric grills

In this section, we will help you to learn everything you need to know about electric grills. We’ll cover the different aspects and features of this handy household appliance, starting with exactly what it is and how it works.

Couple doing grill party

Making food on a grill or a barbie is perfect for a get-together with friends and family. (Source: Katarzyna Białasiewicz: 42259049/

What is an electric grill and how does it work?

Electric grills usually have different temperature settings. You can use them to grill food, obviously, but also braise, toast and roast it, depending on the particular model. These appliances are easy to store and clean. They also often have a temperature regulator to let you cook any food to perfection.

This compact device usually has plates that come with non-stick coating. Most models have a removable tray to collect grease and fat, making cleaning easier.

Electric grills allow for leaner cooking.

How do you use an electric grill?

Using an electric grill is very simple. Place the appliance on a flat surface and make sure all accessories are attached. Plug in the grill, but keep it turned off for the moment. Prepare all the food you are going to cook. Then turn on the grill and select the right temperature and pre-heat it for a couple of minutes.

Start by cooking the foods with the least flavour first, and those that require more cooking time. Keep an eye on each food to make sure it doesn’t burn. Of course, you must also make sure you leave it long enough to make sure it is properly cooked. Once ready, remove all food from the grill taking care not to burn yourself.

meat and a beer

You can use an electric grill to easily cook meat, fish, seafood or veggies. (Source: Jaroslav Frank: 63542160/

Is an electric or gas grill better?

You may be tossing up between buying an electric or a gas grill. It is true that gas fuel is cheaper, but it is also more cumbersome. For gas grills you also need to make sure you always have a gas cylinder on hand, and these involve more risk of accidents.

On the other hand, with an electric grill you only need to plug it in to a powerpoint. Both types of grills deliver similar results. As electric grills are more common, they are cheaper in general. With these advantages over gas grills, electric grills are arguably the best option.

Is cooking on an electric grill healthier?

One of the reasons that many people buy an electric grill is that they want to cook food in a healthier way. These appliances are perfect for this. Firstly, they hardly use any oil for cooking, which is undoubtedly better for your health. And who doesn’t want that?

An electric grill cooks food in its own juice,  which is not only healthier, it also improves flavour. This appliance is a great option for anyone who is on a diet, or who simply wants to take care of themselves.

An electric grill is a perfect way of cooking for the whole family and for all occasions.

What extra features do electric grills have?

We have prepared the following table of the important features to keep in mind when buying the electric grill. These are essential to consider in order to ensure that you will make the best possible purchase. Before buying an electric grill, be sure to check it against these criteria.

Feature Why is it important?
Temperature gauge Most grills have a temperature gauge. It is handy because you do not have to open the lid to know if it is ready to cook.
Temperature It is true that with an electric grill you can cook all kinds of food. But in order to properly cook meat you’ll need a grill which will reach 300 degrees.
Temperature recovery The best grills will quickly recover their temperature each time you open the lid. This will avoid wasting energy and maintain an optimum cooking temperature.

What should you keep in mind before buying an electric grill?

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when buying an electric grill. These may not be to do with how the appliance itself works, but they are also very important. So they are certainly worth keeping in mind. We have outlined the key factors in the below table:

Aspects Reasons
Exterior If you want to use the grill outdoors, check local council rules first. This will help you to avoid potential problems later.
People  think about how many people you will be cooking for. If you need to cook for large numbers of people, you don’t want a grill which is too small.
Storage  Most people want a tidy and organised kitchen. This being the case, check how big it is and if it can be stored vertically, which is much more practical.

Why buy an electric grill?

There are many reasons you may want to buy an electric grill. As you have seen it is a very practical appliance, which allows you to cook quickly, healthily and to easily try new recipes. If you need more convincing, here are some more reasons to buy an electric grill:

  • Safety: They are very safe. You only need to be careful that your kids don’t burn themselves, otherwise they are not generally a source of domestic accidents.
  • Year-round cooking: You can enjoy grilled food all year round, as you can easily use it indoors.
  • Cleanliness: Stains less than other appliances and cleaning the grill plates is not complicated. Some can even be put in the dishwasher.
  • Variety: There are various models to choose between so you can always find one which is perfect for your needs.
Nutrition studyUniversity of Manchester
“Making simple changes is equally beneficial for mental health, in particular, eating more foods that are rich in nutrients, fibre and vegetables”.

How do you clean an electric grill?

As already mentioned, cleaning an electric grill is very simple. The first thing you have to do is unplug the appliance. Wait until it has cooled down before you start cleaning. Take off all removable parts. Drain the oil from the tray and clean it with detergent and water.

Clean the plates gently with detergent and water, avoiding using scouring pads that could scratchthem. Some models can even be put in the dishwasher, making cleaning incredibly simple. Clean the rest of the grill with a damp cloth. Of course, also check if the grill has specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric grills?

From the points mentioned above, you already know many advantages and disadvantages of electric grills. Let’s review the main ones:

  • Healthy cooking
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Low-powered models can make cooking difficult

Shopping Criteria

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when purchasing your electric grill in order to make the best possible decision. Otherwise, you may buy a model which does not fully meet your needs. This would be a shame, as you will miss out on buying a grill which will let you cook healthy, delicious food while making your life a lot easier.


The power of the electric grill is one of the key factors. For basic uses a model with less than 1000 W is ok. But if you really want to cook you should look for something with more power for the best results. Above all, you need decent power if you are going to use it to cook meat.

electric grill

With this domestic appliance you can try new ways of cooking, quickly, cleaning and while having fun! (Source: amnatdpp: 115202930/


One of the advantages of an electric grill is that you can cook in a short time. But if you then have to spend a lot of time cleaning the appliance, this somewhat defeats the purpose. Therefore you should look for a device that is easy to clean, with removable, non-stick plates made of aluminum or stainless steel.

You can even find some electric grills that have plates that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This last option is very practical, as it greatly simplifies the entire cleaning process.

Don’t forget that many models have a tray to collect the fat, making cleaning easier.


There are models of various sizes available on the market. When choosing the best one for you should take into account two key aspects. Firstly, think about how many people you will usually be cooking for, as well as how much room you have to store it. Balancing both factors will help you choose the right size.


The plates are fundamental in any grill, since they are where the food is cooked. The best type are ferromagnetic contact, which means that they activate when the two plates come into contact. This helps to avoid burns and accidents. They also have better heat distribution and better overall cooking.


On the market, you will find an endless number of grills, each with a different price and of a different quality. Of course, brand impacts greatly on the value and benefits you will find. But you should also consider if it is worth paying more just because one manufacturer is better known than another.

You must also be clear on what you are going to use the grill for. If you plan to use it frequently, it is worthwhile investing a little more for a model with better features. If you are going to use it sporadically, a more basic device may suffice. It’s up to you.


An electric grill is a very useful appliance that allows you to cook quickly and easily. You can prepare different foods, such as meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. You do not need to use anything else, other than a little oil and some seasoning. They also allow healthier cooking, with hardly any fat.

There are many factors that you should keep in mind when making your purchase. For example, the grill’s power, how it is cleaned, its size and its price. You must also be clear about what you are going to use it for and how often. Consider the different characteristics of each model. This will help you to buy the best electric grill for you.

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