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Some people avoid cooking certain foods just because of the odours they generate. Even those people who can endure the smells, would, in reality, prefer to avoid them. If you want to cook without unpleasant aromas, you need an extractor hood.

Extractor hoods do not eliminate all odours completely, but they are a great help. The help an extractor hood offers is immense regardless of the fact that they can’t get rid of the odours completely. Without this appliance, not only will your home be filled with an unpleasant smell, but also with smoke. In order to help you buy the best extractor hood, we have prepared this purchase guide for you.

Key facts

  • A rangehood is used to eliminate odours and smoke from the kitchen. They are present in most homes, so that the whole house isn’t affected when you cook.
  • In today’s market you will find different types of range hoods. Not only are they designed for kitchens in private homes, but you can also buy industrial models for restaurants and similar.
  • When buying a range hood, you need to keep certain things in mind, in particular the key characteristics of your chosen model. Of course, you’ll also need to consider the price and make sure this fits your budget.

Our selection: The best range hoods on the Australian market

When buying any product it is a great help to be familiar with the best options, and know which model you want. Here, we detail the features and characteristics of the best models on the market to help you make the choice which is right for you.

5 Star Chef 1200mm Commercial BBQ Rangehood

This commercial level rangehood has a powerful extraction power of 3000m3/hr from a fully sealed copper twin motor, our Grade A stainless steel range hood will clear the air of smoke, steam, odours and vapours in no time at all. It has four 5-layer aluminium grease filters also ensure all grease is efficiently captured, and the filters can be easily removed for cleaning.

The 3-speed fan can be easily controlled through the rangehood’s LCD display screen. It also as four bright LED lights which give bright light to help you see your cooking while being energy efficient. The overall design is stylish with its aluminium pyramid look.

DEVANTI Rangehood Range Hood Stainless Steel Kitchen Wall Mount Canopy

This rangehood from Devanti has an elegant, slim design which makes it a perfect fit to any contemporary or modern kitchen. The range hood slides in and out automatically, meaning you can tuck it away when it is not being used. It comes with an Australian plug and complies with current Australian electrical standards.

It is made from durable and premium grade A stainless steel, with powerful twin motors, this steel range hood will quickly clear the air of smoke, steam, odours and vapours. The two 5-layer aluminium grease filters also ensure all grease is efficiently captured. The filters are easy to remove and just as easy to clean.

GASLAND Chef LED Glass Rangehood Commercial Range Hood

This Gasland LED canopy glass rangehood is wall mounted with a powerful 123-watt copper motor which is fully sealed for best performance and durability. It also boasts a superior filtration system with reusable aluminium mesh filters to trap smoke, oils, grease and moisture.

The range hood is covered by a two-year warranty and is made of glass and brush stainless steel. The stunning European design is sure to elevate your kitchen decor. It is easy to clean and maintain – filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about range hoods

You probably already know a few important features that an extractor hood should have. Keep reading to discover some of the most successful models on the market and the best opinions that people buy. In the following sections, we will show you more highlights of this appliance so you can make the best decision.

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A range hood is a domestic appliance which was a fan on the inside.
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What is a range hood exactly?

An extractor hood is an appliance that has a fan inside it. It is placed on the stove in order to trap not only smoke and odours, but also grease and dust. There are many different models in the market and each of them works differently. When choosing which one to buy, you should make sure you choose one that meets all your needs.

What types of extractor hood are there?

As we said in the previous section, there are different types of extractor hoods in the market. Each model is different due to its functionality and installation process. It is important that you know the differences between these models so that you can choose the model that is most appropriate for you.

Here are some things to look out for when buying an extractor hood:

  • Recirculation: Extractor hoods have carbon filters that filter the fumes and the smell and allow the clean air comes out. It does not need a conduit to expel the air. Therefore, it is a perfect model for kitchens that do not have an exit to the outside. Of course, it does not filter air as well as other models.
  • Suction: Suction introduces fumes and odours inside the appliance. Then, the extractor hood expels them to the outside by means of a conduit. This model works very well and hardly leaves smoke or any smells.
  • Roof: These appliances are placed on the roof. They are very effective and have an accessible control to facilitate their use.
  • For island: When the stoves are placed on a kitchen island, a different bell is needed. Some extractor hoods have these bells and work best for kitchen islands.
  • Wall: These extractor hoods are installed on the wall and can have different shapes. They are very common and have a good extraction power.
  • Integrated wall: This type of appliance is integrated into a kitchen cabinet. It’s the most modern option and the most aesthetic one as well. When the extractor hood is not being used it is almost hidden and when necessary it can be extracted.
  • Countertop: This type of hood gives a modern look to any kitchen. It is on the countertop and is only perceived when it is in use, as it comes out of the countertop.

How do range hoods work?

You have seen roughly how the extractor hoods work. However, now we will devote a special section to their working. It is important that you understand how extractor hoods work so that you get no unpleasant surprises when you make your purchase. Essentially, there are two classes of this appliance: by extraction and by recirculation.

Type How it works
By extraction They suck out the smoke and odour, which pass through an anti-grease filter. Then these substances are expelled through a conduit connected to the outside. They also feature an anti-return valve which stops them returning to the kitchen.
By recirculation Can be used when there is no smoke outlet in the kitchen, and works through recirculation. The range hood absorbs the air, which passes through a filter and comes out clean.

How should you clean and maintain a range hood?

If you want your extractor hood to last a long time and always work well, maintenance is vital. Every day the appliance captures a good amount of grease and dust that accumulates in its filters. If the filters are not cleaned correctly, eventually they will stop performing their function properly.

What should I do? Why?
Turn on the filter You should turn on the range hood as early as possible when cooking. This will absorb the heat from the stove and prevent overcooking.
External cleaning Only use gentle products to clean the outside. The best is to use a cloth with water and a little soap, then wipe over with water. Then try it well.
Clean the filters You need to clean the filters once a month. Some are dishwasher safe. For the others, hand wash with water and dishwashing liquid.
Change the filters With re-changeable filters, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Turn off the range hood You shouldn’t turn of the range hood as soon as you finish cooking. Leave it running for a few minutes to clear all of the smoke and odours from the kitchen. Then you can turn it off.

How big is a range hood?

When buying your extractor hood you must take into account that it’s of the right size. At the very least, your extractor hood must have dimensions equal to those of your cooking plate. There are two usual sizes for cooking plates: 60 or 90 centimetres. You have to ensure that the hood is of the right size or else it won’t work.

What are the best kind of motors for range hoods?

When you buy your extractor hood, you should ensure it has iron armoured engines. If the engines are plastic, the dust and grease will adhere to them more strongly which will complicate the cleaning process. It must also have a non-return valve so that the smell and smoke do not return to the kitchen. It is also recommended that your extractor hood has a good suction capacity.

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How much noise should hoods make?

Most extractor hoods used to make a very annoying noise that could be heard in other rooms. Now, luckily, more and quieter extractor hoods are being manufactured. Typically, extractor hoods emit sounds at a maximum power of between 70 and 80 decibels. Although there are some models that do not exceed 60 decibels.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extractor hoods?

Surely at this point it is clear that having an extractor in your kitchen is almost vital. You have discovered different models and you even know about extractor hood maintenance. Before considering some other important aspects, we want to show you the main advantages and disadvantages of extractor hoods. The next section covers them all.

  • Eliminates the odours produced by cooking
  • Helps to make sure the house is not full of smoke when you are cooking
  • Traps grease and dust
  • Can by noisy
  • Need to be maintained to make sure they work well
  • Many models need a smoke outlet

Shopping criteria

As we approach the end of this purchase guide, there are a number of criteria that you cannot ignore. If you want to choose the extractor hood model that best suits your needs, pay attention to the following aspects that will show you how to make the best possible decision.

Smoke output

One of the most important aspects you should consider when buying an extractor hood is if your kitchen has a vent. It’s true that the vast majority do, but some may not. If this is your case, you should buy an air recirculation hood. It does not have the same suction power, but for kitchens without a vent it is a better option.

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It is important to know the differences between each kind of range hood so you can choose the right one for you.
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Like any other appliance in the kitchen, the extractor fan needs constant cleaning. Before making your purchase, check how easy it will be to clean the extractor hood. For example, you should look at their materials or the pieces and how easily they can be dismantled. Do not forget that cleanliness is vital in the kitchen.


Following the line of the previous criterion, filters are one of the most important aspects when buying an extractor hood. Check if the filters are easily removable or if they can be put in the dishwasher. Also, since you will have to change them every so often it is a good idea to find out how much they’ll cost you.


Extractor hoods are often the centre of attention in many kitchens. It is true that you must primarily assess its effectiveness, but do not forget the importance of its appearance. In the market you will find endless models, some of which are quite attractive. Of course, the extractor has to fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of the kitchen, and match well with its furniture and appliances.

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When buying an extractor hood you should look into ones with iron-plated motors.
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Extraction capacity

To calculate the extraction capacity that your extractor needs to have, you need to use a mathematical formula. It can either be recirculation, without smoke extraction, or extraction, with smoke output. The surface refers to the square meters of the kitchen. The formulas that you should use are:

  • Recirculation bells. The extraction capacity (m3 / h) = surface x height x 20
  • Extraction hoods. The extraction capacity = surface x height x 10

For example, if you have a kitchen of 16 square meters with a height of 2.25 meters and have smoke vent, the formula will be this: 16 x 2.25 x 10 = 360 m3 / h


An extractor hood is a household appliance of vital importance in all kitchens. It serves the purpose of stopping smoke and odours from spreading throughout the house. Primarily, there are two types of extractor hoods. The first is extraction, which expels air to the outside, and the other is recirculation, which returns clean to the kitchen.

When buying your appliance, there are different factors that you must take into account. For example, their suction capacity, noisiness, their size and their design and appearance. In the market, you will find many models at different price levels. Always look for the best value for money. Also, check how easy it will be to buy filters.

We’re sure you’ve found all the information you need to buy an extractor hood in this guide. If so, share your content on your social networks and leave us a comment.

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