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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Organising your home can be a daunting task, in particular when you can’t find the time and your home is small. You may also be one of those people who simply loves shoes, and you can’t find the missing shoe you need in the midst of all the mess. This is why you need a shoe rack.

The main function of this piece of furniture is to organise your shoes in a simple and decorative way. Also called shoe organisers, they truly make your life easier. They are absolutely essential when you’re running out of space but still want to buy new footwear for each season that passes by. We’ve created this guide to help you find the shoe rack that you need in your life.

Key Facts

  • Shoe racks are a foolproof way to store and organise all your footwear in an orderly fashion, regardless of how much or how little space you have at home.
  • These pieces of furniture have become increasingly popular due the small size of flats in the cities. You can therefore find a wide variety of models in the market, with different materials and shapes.
  • There is a wide range of shoe rack styles, each one tailored to the available space and featuring classic or truly innovative designs. It is crucial that you analyse where you will place your shoe organiser before buying it, as well as its dimensions and the shape that best matches your available space.

Our selecction: The best shoe racks on the Australian market

The market offers an incredible number of different shoe racks for all your shoes, sandals and the boots. The one you need is amongst them, and we’ve designed the following section to introduce you to the very best models available out there right now. Our selection features quality products with great value for money, so don’t miss out!

8-tier Stackable Shoe Rack by BuyMall

This shoe rack by BuyMall is Amazon’s Choice in the category, and it’s quite easy to understand why. It features eight non-woven fabric shelves that can hold five pairs each, for a total capacity of 40 pairs of shoes. The cover is waterproof and lightweight, making it easier for you to place your new shoe rack wherever you please.

The installation is also very straightforward, and the plastic and metal structure of the shoe rack is both durable and lightweight. The neutral grey colour is ideal to fit in any home decor, and all you’ll have to do is roll down the front cover to hide your shoes from sight. Past customers have particularly appreciated the sleek design.

Kis+Szoba Rotating Shoe Rack by Sedonnista

This fantastic Kis+Szoba shoe rack is a stylish way to keep your shoes nice and tidy at home, while having quick access to them. Made from high quality metal and plastic, this model stands at 86 centimetres in height by only 31 centimetres in diameter, meaning it takes up very little floor space and is ideal for smaller homes.

Each tier of this shoe rack can rotate independently, facilitating access to the footwear you need for each occasion. Designed with three tiers, this model can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes. While the base of the product is heavy enough to provide good stability, the structure is lightweight and can easily be moved around as you wish. Buyer reviews have reported that this shoe rack was also easy to assemble.

10-tier Stackable Metal Cabinet by Artiss

Available in black or grey, this massive shoe cabinet will be ideal if you need a storage space for your whole family, or simply if you’re an avid shoe collector and want enough room for all your shoes. Featuring 10 tiers, it can hold up to 50 pairs, meaning that you should be on the safe side when it comes to organising your footwear.

This product therefore offers fantastic value for money, and you won’t need any tools to install it. The structure is made from resistant metal, while the shelves are in non-woven, waterproof fabric. Past users of this shoe cabinet have praised its quick and easy setup, while being surprised by its overall stability for such an affordable price. 1-year warranty provided.

Shelf Shoe Rack by XUE

This classic yet elegant shoe rack by XUE boasts a lovely design that will be all the rage in your home, whether you decide to place it in your entrance hall or in the bedroom. Made from iron, polypropylene and fabric shelves, this stylish shoe organiser is built to last.

Featuring a total of five tiers, this model can hold up approximately 15 pairs of shoes. The top shelf is ideal to decorate your shoe rack and further blend it into your home decor. The snap system makes it quick and easy to install, so you’ll be able to start organising your footwear in a hurry.

Waterproof Hanging Organiser by MISSLO

Last but not least, this hanging organiser is the most affordable model of our selection, but this doesn’t mean it’s not a great product. The durable mesh it is manufactured with is waterproof and breathable, which is ideal to keep unpleasant odours at bay when your shoes are stored away.

This organiser features a total of 15 large pockets to fit your footwear, and six smaller pockets at the bottom. You can use them to store your insoles, your shoe cleaning products or any other item you might want. This product comes with four steel hooks to hang it on any door. This easy-to-hide shoe rack is perfect to optimise space.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about shoe racks

The smaller size of our homes have increased the offer of shoe racks, which have become essential tools to effortlessly organise our footwear in a practical way. These products are generally available in fabric, plastic or even wood. In the following section, we tackle the most frequently asked questions by past users to help you buy the right shoe rack for you.

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Choosing a shoe rack according to your needs means you’ll always be satisfied with your purchase. (Source: Agencyby: 23371702/

What is a shoe rack exactly?

Also called shoe organisers, they are side furniture designed to store shoes. With the arrival of online shopping, an incredible range of innovative shoe racks have flooded the market. Originally made of wood, they are now also made from fabric or plastic. They can be hanging, modular or feature alternative systems to best keep and organise your favourite shoes.

Nowadays, shoe racks truly come in all shapes and sizes: certain models are designed to fit under your bed, other present modular designs in the form of shelves, while some are made from fabric and hung behind a door or inside a wardrobe. You’ll always find the right model to fit your space and needs.

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What are other names used to describe shoe racks?

As we mentioned earlier, they are sometimes called shoe organisers, but their function remains the same: storing and organising footwear. While shoe rack remains the most frequently used term, this type of furniture is sometimes also referred to as shoe cabinet or shoe cupboard furniture.

What are the advantages of having a shoe rack?

Do you remember when you used to store all your footwear at the bottom of your wardrobe, or simply throw them under your bed? This is the past. You now have access to a wide array of striking alternatives, at much more affordable prices than the sturdy wooden furniture of yesteryear. Their advantages are numerous, and we’ve listed them below:

  • Order: Disorder can go as far as affecting your spirits. A shoe rack will help you know exactly where your favourite footwear is at all times, and give a more orderly appearance to your home, something we’re sure you’ll appreciate.
  • Organisation of space: Shoe racks are the ideal furniture to make the most of your space if you have a small home. You can easily slide your shoe organiser under your bed, hang it behind a door or on top of a closet, amongst the many possibilities.
  • Decoration: If you know how to play with space and colours, a well-designed shoe rack can become an integral part of your home decor. You won’t have to invest a lot, but you’ll need to perfectly combine shapes, colours and materials.
  • Conservation: The best way to maintain your favourites shoes in ideal condition is on a shoe organiser. They are kept away from dust and external dirt. This will also lead to an increased durability of your shoes, as opposed to leaving them scattered all over the place.
  • À la carte location: The best thing is that you can set your shoe rack anywhere you want. Simply choose the right model for the room intended, but remember that a balcony will work just as well as a bathroom or bedroom.
  • Shoes at hand: Another great advantage of this type of furniture is that you won’t spend more than a second finding the right pair of shoes for any occasion. We bet you’ll thank us when you stop running after a stranded shoe.
  • Easy maintenance: Whether it’s made from plastic, wood, metal or fabric, your shoe rack will be easy to clean. All you’ll have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time, and it’ll be kept in optimal condition.

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Shoes can give off unpleasant odours, so make sure you take care of their hygiene before storing them. (Source: Belchonock: 113447645/

What types of shoe racks are available out there?

As you notice from our selection of products above, the wide range of models available means that picking the right shoe rack isn’t necessarily so easy. You’l have to consider a number of different factors, which include your available space and the number of pair of shoes you own. We’ve summed up some of the main types of shoe organisers in the table below, as well as their main characteristics.

Type of shoe rack Main characteristics
Plastic for wardrobes and shelves One of the most common models out there, the great advantage of this type is that they are adjustable to the size fo footwear you want to store.
Fabric Another frequently available type, it is ideal to decorate a room without visitors knowing that it is a shoe rack. These products are decorative, affordable and highly functional.
Hanging fabric These models are extremely practical, as you can hang them inside your closet or behind a door. This affordable option is ideal if you have little space available.
Modular design in stackable boxes The number one advantage of this type of shoe rack is that you can adapt it to fit exactly in the space you have, both vertically and horizontally. This affordable option can also be decorative.
Stackable boxes This type of shoe organiser is perfect to slide under your bed, or even to place on top of of your closet without disturbing your home decor. These models are affordable and very versatile.
Wooden auxiliary furniture These are the most traditional shoe racks, coming in the shape of wooden shelves, benches or closets.
Metal or plastic shelves Like the previous models, they are classic shoe racks and come in different shapes and sizes, but they are made from more affordable materials.
Rotating shoe rack Featuring the design of a coat hanger, several pieces are placed along a rotating pole, on which you can place your footwear. Their design is truly original and can be manufactured from wood or several other materials. They usually offer little storing capacity.
Folding These shoe racks are placed in drawers and closets. They are designed to place your shoes vertically and are perfect for small bedrooms. They tend to be integrated in wooden furniture. 

What should I do before storing my footwear in my shoe rack?

There are a number of steps that will help you maintain your shoes in ideal condition before storing them in your shoe organiser. Shoes tend to accumulate unpleasant smells, so you must take some hygienic measures before storing them away. Here’s a quick list of tips to avoid these undesirable odours:

  • Closed spaces: Whether you opt for a classic wooden shoe rack or a more modern design made from fabric or plastic, you are encouraged to leave your footwear airing for a few hours before storing them. Leave them outside and avoid putting them in the sun.
  • Disinfection: Specific powder or aerosol products are available for this. A quick trick is to leave lavender leaves in the shoe rack if it is closed.
  • Ventilation: The majority of modern shoe racks feature holes to allow ventilation. Otherwise, you can make your own holes in the storage unit.
  • Insoles: It is recommended to remove the insoles of your sports shoes and wash them before storing your footwear. Once the insoles have dried, leave them aside until you next need them.
  • Moisture prevention: Placing newspaper inside your shoes will absorb the moisture. This is an ideal technique if you plan on keeping shoes in an enclosed space for a long period of time.
  • Cleaning: You should clean your shoe rack at least once a week if it is hanging and made from fabric. A regular wipe with a damp cloth will be enough if it is made from other materials. Using disinfectant will prevent the proliferation of bacteria or other harmful organisms.

Collection of shoes on shelves

Shoe racks come in all shapes and sizes.
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How should I organise my footwear?

Once you’ve acquired the right shoe rack for your home, it is important that you organise your shoes in a way that will make it easier for you to find the right footwear any time you want. There are many ways to do this: your frequency of use, the season, comfort or even by colour. Mobile apps can also use geolocation to help you find your shoes right away.

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Shopping Criteria

There are a certain number of key criteria that you’ll need to consider if you want to buy the shoe rack that’s just right for your home and needs. These aspects include colour, sizes and dimensions, and will help you buy a product that is in line with your home decor. The following are factors that we’ll discuss in the next section:


The very first thing you should evaluate is the exact spot where you’ll set your new shoe rack. People who use this type of furniture tend to have little available space, but the great news is that you can find the right model for your bedroom, bathroom, living room or even garage. The design will naturally be influenced by the room for which the shoe rack is intended.

You may want to opt for a coloured model, for instance, for your children’s bedroom, while more elegant shoe racks will be ideal in your living room. If you love slipping slippers on as soon as you get home, innovative products are available for your entrance hall. You can truly find any shoe rack you want, since the market offers such a wide variety of products.

 girl chooses shoes in room on grey background

A shoe rack is indispensable for your home.
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Available space

The available space you have for your new shoe organiser is naturally another key aspect. You may want to opt for a model that perfectly matches your bedroom, but it may already be full of furniture with almost no available space. In that case, we recommend you buy a shoe rack that can be placed behind the door or that fits in empty corners.

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The size of your shoe rack is another factor that you cannot overlook. Take into consideration the available space you have, and measure its height, length and width. If you neglect this aspect, you may end up with a model that’s one centimes too big and you’ll have to return it to find a new product.

Don’t simply eyeball your space: take a few minutes to measure it with a tape before making your purchase.


How many pairs of shoes will you need to store? Will you opt for a single shoe rack for all your footwear, or several smaller ones to further organise your shoes? Make sure to count all the boots, sandals, slippers and other sports shoes you want to store away; this is essential if you want to by a model that easily fits all your current and future footwear.


As we mentioned earlier, the price of a shoe rack is directly influenced by its manufacturing material, which is the penultimate criterion of our guide. You may simply want a temporary shoe organiser for your child’s student dorm room. Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to opt for a quality and resistant product that is made from metal, wood or plastic. This is especially important if you plan on keeping it for years to come.

shoes shelf

Your home decor is essential, so consider factors such as colour, dimensions and shape when buying your shoe rack.
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Reviews and ratings

The customer ratings are a great way to have a better idea about a product. We also encourage you to read their comments, as these may sometimes include technical aspects that are useful to you, especially if you are looking for a very specific model. This aspect can be a game changer if you use it to your advantage.


Shoe racks are the ultimate furniture to organise and store all your favourite footwear. The market offers such a wide range of models that it can sometimes be hard to find the right product. However, the great news is that online shopping has opened up access to all the information you need, and this is how you’ll be able to buy the shoe organiser most suitable to your needs in a jiffy.

Make sure you take into account the criteria we detailed above during your purchase. Where you’ll place your shoe rack, how many shoes you want to store or the available space in your room are key factors, as is the budget you’re willing to dedicate to this piece of furniture. We hope that our guide was helpful to you!

If you liked our article, feel free to share it on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below with any question or suggestion you might have!

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