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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Hygiene is critical in all parts of life. Without it, you could experience severe health problems, including fatal conditions. Good habits come down to the little details. One thing which can be very helpful in this regard is to invest in a soap dispenser for your bathrooms in your home or your business.

Washing your hands at certain parts of the day is fundamental for maintaining good hygiene habits. These times include before eating or cooking and after going to the bathroom. It is also important to wash your hands before tending to wound or injury, and when coming in from the street. With this in mind, we’ve prepared this shopping guide so you can learn the advantages of having a soap dispenser.

Key Facts

  • A soap dispenser is a very handy utensil for storing and using soap in the bathroom and elsewhere. Some models will dispense liquid soap automatically, which is more hygienic as you do not need to touch the dispenser at all. These models generally run on batteries.
  • there are a number of different types of soap dispensers available. They are all essentially the same, but there are some important differences between the different models.
  • Researching the features of each soap dispenser will help you choose the best one for you, as will knowing which of these features are the most important.
  • It’s not difficult to use a soap dispenser, but there are some things which will make its use even simpler.

Our selection: The best soap dispensers on the Australian market

We’ll start this shopping guide by presenting some of the best models of soap dispensers which you’ll find on the Australian market. Take care to examine the features of each product, which we describe below. This will also help you to decide on the criteria of your ideal soap dispenser.

Clear Glass Boston Round Pump Bottle

These multi-functional glass pump bottles can be used for liquid soap, body wash, creams, homemade lotions, perfume blends, shampoo, sunscreen, essental oils and more. They are made from high-quality glass and feature a sturdy removable BPA plastic pump.

This bottle comes in a pack of four, which means you can put soap dispensers in not just one bathroom, but also the kitchen, ensuite and any other bathrooms in the house. Being clear, you can easily see the contents which looks lovely with pretty lotions, and also helps you know when the bottle needs to be refilled.

Mermaid Decor Hand Soap Dispenser

This decorative hand pump soap dispenser is great to add a little touch of something different to your decor. This will also be a fantastic way to encourage your kids to wash their hands – they will be excited to wash their hands with this exciting mermaid soap dispenser!

The pump function is easy to use even for small hands. It comes with sparkly blue soap which is pleasantly scented with an island cooler scent reminiscent of a tropical paradise. The soap is also cruelty-free, and has not been tested on animals.

Kapmore Automatic Soap Dispenser

If you would like a automatic soap dispenser, take a look at this one from Kapmore. It can be used for hand wash, liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo and more. It works on a motion sensor with infrared technology: as soon as you place your hands in front, it will automatically dispense the soap.

Suited to your home bathroom or kitchen, office building or business, this automatic dispenser is completely hygeinic, as it avoids multiple people touching it and potentially spreading their germs. It is made of waterproof, durable ABS plastic material.

Better Living Products Wave Dispenser

This liquid soap dispenser is designed to be mounted on the wall, whether in your bathroom, shower or commercial or business space. It is perfect for holding liquid soap, hand wash, shampoo or body wash.

The dispenser comes with amenity labels and installation kit with silicone adhesive so you can easily install it yourself as it easily adheres to the shower wall. The dispenser is great for eliminating shower clutter – no more collections of multiple bottles cluttering up your shower floor!

Automatic Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

This automatic soap dispenser has a built-in infrared sensor to dispense the soap without needing to touch the dispenser. It runs on either four AA batteries or can plugged directly into AC power.

Made from stainless steel, meaning it is stylish and easy to clean. It also comes with an anti-theft switch making it ideal for public and business bathrooms.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about soap dispensers

We put together this guide to help you to make the best possible purchase when buying a soap dispenser. We’ve already seen the best models currently available on the market. Now let’s take a look at the key things to consider when buying a soap dispenser.

Close up of woman hand take cleaner foam

A soap dispenser is a utensil used to dispense soap, hand wash and sanitiser onto your hands. (Source: Kitz Corner: 94836561/

What is a soap dispenser and how does it work?

A soap dispenser is a household utensil which is used to store and dispense liquid soap or hand wash. Although all the models on the market may seem similar, there are some key differences worth knowing. One of the primary differences is between normal and automatic models, which use a sensor to dispense the soap on to the hands.

Refilling a soap dispenser is very easy. You simply open it, which in some models will need a key, and pour the liquid soap inside. A little care is necessary to avoid spillage.

With automatic soap dispensers, be sure to check that the batteries are working.

Is it better to get an automatic soap dispenser?

One of the most common questions asked by those looking to buy a soap dispenser is if it is better to get an automatic one. The truth is that it is easy to assume that the automatic dispensers are always better. However, in some situations, a more traditional model may make more sense, even if in some ways it is less convenient.

For example, you need to make sure an automatic model always has working batteries. Also, if you have kids, they may want to spend all day playing with the dispenser. Apart from these concerns, however, automatic soap dispensers are more convenient, hygienic and more practical. They will, of course, be more expensive.

Mary-Louise McLawsLead medical researcher, University of NSW
“Hand hygiene is the keystone to infection control that prevents the transmission of potentially life-threatening diseases”.

When is it better to invest in an automatic soap dispenser?

In the previous section, we covered some of the advantages and disadvantages of automatic soap dispensers compared to traditional ones. Now we’re going to dive a little deeper into why it is a good idea to choose this type of dispenser. There is one main caveat to this: if you have kids, a traditional soap dispenser may be better, to avoid wastage.

If you operate a business, it is always more hygienic to choose an automatic dispenser, as this avoids so many people touching it. For similar reasons, this is a good choice for a kitchen, whether domestic or professional. In the latter, it can be essential to avoid contamination and the spread of bacteria.

Washing hands.

Soap dispensers are very hygienic and practical.
(Source: Raths: 37623123/

What types of soap dispensers are there?

We have prepared the following table to let you know about the different types of soap dishes which are available. One important thing to keep in mind is what you are planning to use the dispenser for, to make sure you choose the one which is most appropriate for you. You may want to choose a different one for each room, though at the same time the same model in all spaces may be fine.

Type of soap dispenser Uses
Countertop The most common. Very simple to use. Simply place on your bathroom counter.
Wall Placed on the wall in the bathroom. Most typically found in public spaces.
Automatic Works by sensing the hand when it is placed under the dispenser, and then it dispenses the soap automatically.

How do soap dispensers work?

Soap dispensers have two different types of supply mechanisms. This is one of the things you should keep in mind when buying a dispenser. As you’ll see in the following list, some are more suitable to certain needs than others. You should therefore consider the following points:

  • Pressure: In this type of dispenser, you push on the top in order to dispense the soap. This is the kind most commonly used in homes.
  • Automatic: These have a sensor that dispenses the liquid soap when you put your hands underneath it. Widely used in public places due to hygiene concerns.

What are some of the benefits of using a soap dispenser?

Next, we will take a look at some of the benefits you should consider when buying a soap dispenser. It is a good idea to review these criteria before making a final purchase. These include some aspects that you may not have considered:

  • Capacity: Many models have a large capacity, which is more convenient as it avoids you having to refill it all the time. If you don’t want to have to worry about this too often, be sure to choose a model with a larger capacity.
  • Cleanliness: A soap dispenser doesn’t leave soap scum, unlike a bar of soap.
  • Ease of refill: It is very simple to refill a soap dispenser, anyone can do it.
  • Versatility: You can use a variety of liquid soaps with a soap dispenser. You can use a hand wash, but also body wash. Using the latter will save you from having to buy multiple types of soap.
  • Savings: With a soap dispenser you can use just the right amount of liquid soap that you need. This helps to avoid wasting money and help you to save money.

Is it better to use liquid soap or a bar of soap?

Another question you may have before buying a soap dish is whether it is better to use liquid or bars of soap. The truth is that liquid soap is more hygienic for a few reasons. It avoids handling by several people, leaves no scum on the countertop and dirt does not come in contact with the soap.

A bar of soap can accumulate not only dirt from other people, but also certain germs. In addition, once they are used several times the bars start to have an unsightly shape. When they are running out they break into several small pieces that usually end up in the rubbish, which is a waste.

What kinds of soap are there?

Below, we show you some types of soaps that you may have heard about already. Each have a range of benefits, both to help improve the skin as well as a pleasant smell. Take a look, as it may give you ideas about new products to try, in the following table:

Types of soap Properties
Coconut Has very hydrating properties but without making the skin greasy. Can also exfoliate.
Green Tea Antibacterial and scar-erasing properties. It is also very relaxing.
Oatmeal Perfect for sensitive skin, helps to calm irritation. Also acts as an exfoliant.
Teatree oil Has strong antibacterial properties, helps to rejuvenate elasticity in the skin and encourages smoothness.
Olive Strong moisturising properties and cares for sensitive skin.

What varieties of soaps are there?

If in the previous section we showed you the types of soaps and their properties, now we’re going to look at the varieties. Each of them has a specific use that you may be interested in knowing about. We have also prepared this summary in the form of a table, to make it easy to compare. Here are characteristics of each variety:

Soaps Uses
Therapeutical Are prescribed by a doctor to treat different skin conditions.
Liquid Used to easily clean the skin. Commonly used in domestic and business premises.
Dermatological Are very soft and help to take care of the skin, especially sensitive or atopic skin.
Aromatic Scented with floral or fruity smells. Usually, have relaxing effects.
Glycerin Can dry out the skin, so are perfect for people with oily skin.
Softening Designed for people with dry or sensitive skin.

What are the advantages of soap dispensers?

Undoubtedly, having a soap dispenser is very practical as you surely know after reading this guide. In the following sections we show you some of their main advantages, but also some disadvantages that may arise. You will likely find it very useful to review these aspects:

  • More hygienic, avoid wastage, easy to use
  • Some models are a little expensive
  • Can break
  • You have to remember to fill them

Shopping Criteria

By now you no doubt have a very clear idea of what you can expect from your soap dispenser. But it does not hurt to review certain aspects that you should keep in mind when making your purchase. Reviewing the following criteria will help you make the best possible purchase. So take note of all of the following:


When buying a soap dispenser you should check its measurements. Check if you have enough space on the counter or your sink. You should also check the capacity of the tank, which will determine who often you need to refill it. The larger it is, the more you can put inside it each time.

WHOWorld Health Organisation
“Correctly washing the hands reduces diarrhoea in children by 50% and respiratory infections by 25%”.


There are three main types of soap dishes: countertop, wall and automatic. The countertop and wall are similar, the difference being where you put them. And as you know, automatic dispensers dispense soap without having to touch the button. As previously mentioned, they are the most hygienic and convenient. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Dispensing mechanisms

In the previous section, we already covered that some soap dispensers require you to push on the top to dispense the liquid soap. There are also automatic dispensers, which have a motion sensor that dispenses the soap into the hand. The first is the most common and simple, the second is very practical, as you have seen in this article.

Automatic dispensers are recommended in public places, because of hygiene. These reasons may also be applicable for your home. It is very advantageous not to have to touch the dispenser with dirty hands to get the soap. Its motion sensor detects the hands and dispenses the liquid.

Female hands applying liquid soap close up on cream backgroud

It’s a good idea to have a soap dispenser in the bathroom in particular, so you can use it before or after going to the bathroom. (Source: Siraphob Tatiyarat: 55737151/


Most soap dispensers you find in the market are made of plasticised metal, steel or chrome. The former can withstand dirt very well, so they are ideal if they are going to be used a lot. The second ones are also quite resistant and tend to be more elegant. However, they are also harder to keep clean.


If opting for a wall soap dispenser, check that it is easy to assemble. Usually, a product will contain all the pieces that you need, but it verifies that it is thus. Make sure you are certain that this is the type of model you want for your home or business. We say this because when you make holes in the wall, they will leave marks if you later remove the dispenser.


As you have seen, a soap dish is a simple tool, but it can be very useful. Liquid soap is more hygienic and more appealing than bars of soap. It is also a more convenient system and is increasingly used, both in homes and in business. In the latter, it is pretty much exclusively used.

Within soap dispensers, arguably the best options are the automatic ones. They have a sensor that detects the hand before dispensing the product. Not only are they more comfortable, they are also more hygienic since at no time are soap or soap dispensers handled with dirty hands. They are the best in the home and especially for businesses.

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